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What If I Was Donald Trump?   [Copy link] 中文

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What If I Was Donald Trump?

by Trump Science

I believe in science.  So, I believe in evolution and the survival of the fittest: unintelligent people and people with bad genes should go extinct.

A people with good genes should understand basic logic, reason, objectivity, and the scientific method.  As such, as Trump, I would state my goals objectively:

1) I will deport all illegal immigrants, who are over-represented in crime and the benefactors of welfare services.

2) I will stop all further immigration until everyone in the USA has a socio-economic status they desire.

3) I will stop interfering in foreign affairs, since we currently have no foreign threats aside from illegal immigration, and will bring back all our troops and instead place them on our borders.

4) I will remove the USA from NATO and the United Nations, since neither organization serves America's interests.

5) I will break up all company monopolies in the USA to encourage competition, innovation, quality improvement, and lower prices.

6) I will break up the media conglomerates in the USA to allow for more free speech of ideas, facts, and opinions.

7) I will ban all financial contributions to political candidates.  Instead, public funds will be equally provided to any candidate that pass a certain threshold of popular support.  This will end the existence of politicians being bribed to serve the interests of certain entities, as opposed to the overall interest of the voters.

8) I will ban all lobbyists.  Any individual, company, organization, or other entity that wants to talk to a politician about supporting a certain law or policy will be required to carry out all communication in front of a public video camera which will be aired live on public television and internet for all to see free of charge, and the conversations will be archived for ever and accessible to any individual.

9) I will ban any individual from making more than $200,000 a year; any income above that will be taken away as taxes and used for things like the military, police services, public schools, and so forth, and/or put in a public bank for use during emergencies.  This is to ensure that no individual becomes too powerful where they can use their financial power to affect laws and public policy that serve their own interest, as opposed to the interests of the voters as a whole.

10) I will pass a law banning outsourcing of factories and labor; all factories must remain in the USA, and all employees must come from our nation.  Also, I will ban the ability of foreign nations to buy American companies.  These policies will ensure that the USA has the capacity to be self-sufficient in all things.  I will only allow imports of foreign products if for the time being, we ourselves cannot produce the product or service in question, but then I will start implementing policy to make us capable in providing that very product and/or service in question so that we can eventually be self-sufficient in that area.

11) I will pass a law requiring us to be a peaceful nation, and also if required, cooperate with other nations where it is necessary when dealing with aspects that are shared between nations, such as protocols for interaction in international waters, globally shared resources such as air, and outer-space.  

12) I will support the First Amendment fully, with emphasis on the free exchange of ideas, facts, and opinions.  I will abolish "hate-crime" laws; an act of violence or robbery or vandalism is a crime, regardless of why the individual did it.  A person who was beaten or killed to steal their property was inflicted with an equal magnitude of crime as a person who was beaten or killed because of his ethnic, sexual, gender, or religous background.  I will not penalize thought, just action.

13) I will support the right of individuals to own firearms for the purpose of self-defense.  I believe a person should not be forced to have to fist-fight a burgler, rapist, or murderer.  The victim should be given the means to safely stop the perpetrator.

14) I will pass a law requiring the death penalty for all murderers, rapists, assaulters, robbers, significant vandalizers, and significant fraudsters.  No exceptions will be given to people based on who they are (CEOs, politicians, ethnic background, gender, etc).

15) For a nation to be prosperous, a minimum amount of genetic health must be maintained.  As such, criminals will not be allowed to reproduce.  Also, chronic welfare recipients will not be allowed to reproduce.  Plus, geniuses, scientists, engineers, and other gifted people will be given economic and social incentives to have many children.

If you support the above laws and policies, then please vote for me.  If not, then please vote for my primaries opponents or the Democrat candidate.  I need not say any more.  The above sums up my views.  Either you agree, or you don't.  The choice is yours.  The future is yours.  Good luck.

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"How can so many people be so enamoured of a bombastic, big-talking leader with no political experience?

In the case of Donald Trump, answers fall into one of two categories: (i) the Republican electorate is made up of not very smart racists; (ii) white Americans are scared about their jobs and they don’t trust their political parties.

I have no idea whether Trump will win the election or not but I am greatly comforted by what Bill James, a noted statistician, had to say. As he put it, “A certain percentage of the American public is just morons; that’s the way it is.”

On the other hand, his conclusion was that Trump couldn’t win the general election because “I don’t think there are enough morons to elect him.”

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seneca Post time: 2016-3-6 09:04
All empty promises, Mr. Trump. After you have won the election,  you will double the President's ann ...

Zero percent chance Trump will be President.  You KNOW this.  

So, the whole Trump thing is just for fun; an intellectual curiosity, nothing more.  Hillary Clinton is defacto the President already.

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dostoevskydr Post time: 2016-3-6 16:38
"How can so many people be so enamoured of a bombastic, big-talking leader with no political experie ...

If I was playing the part of a hypothetical objective, scientific Trump, and you were interviewing me and made the comment you just did, my response would be,

"Irrelevant commentary.  Next point or question."

I would say nothing else, or fall into anyone's non-scientific trap.  Trump let his guard down and strongly fell into the David Duke/KKK non-scientific trap.  When the interviewer asked him to denounce David Duke, Trump's only response should have been "Irrelevant question, next comment or question."  No other words should have left his mouth.

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seneca Post time: 2016-3-6 09:04
All empty promises, Mr. Trump. After you have won the election,  you will double the President's ann ...

Donald Trump has a zero percent chance of becoming the President of the USA.   You KNOW this.  

The whole Trump candidacy is just for fun - nothing more than a game, an intellectual curiosity.

Hillary Clinton is defacto already the President of the USA.

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It is unlikely that Drumpf with his wealth and Jewish heritage will enforce such an agenda. It is a great pity that he ignores gender role reversal and sodomy.
9/11 was an inside job.
No second plane.It was a bomb.Bomb in the other building.
You KNOW without a doubt the videos are fake,right ?!
Planes don't meld into steel and concrete buildings.They crash into them !!!!!!!
It's amazing how the building ate the plane !!!
Imagine those fragile wings cutting slots in massive steel columns !!!!!
How STUPID can they think the people are to believe that crap ??!!

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