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Is Hinckley Point a Scam? [Copy link] 中文

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fatdragon Post time: 2016-4-6 15:49
The Brits do not have the money as they have a negative balance on the FOREX account and have to b ...

Do I need you to tell me that?

They have cleared out almost all their assets, and little to fall back on now.
Water, electricity, airports, roads, steel, ports, universities, motor industries, etc., etc., ....ALL GONE

Buckingham Palace, any interested Chinese buyers?

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Lib Dem Sir Vince said the prime minister had worried about a "gung-ho" approach to Chinese investment in it.
. . .
Sources said China General Nuclear Power Corporation, which is contributing a third of the money, was "bemused" and "frustrated" by the hold-up.

BBC's Newsnight programme said it was security concerns over Chinese ownership of British nuclear power stations that were the primary reason why Mrs May had postponed the final decision on the deal.

- May had objections to Hinkley Point, says Cable, state-run BBC

As Gregor MacDonald, appearing on the Schwing-Schwing Show, pointed out, renewable energy has long since made nuclear power economically obsolete and now even makes coal-fired power stations uneconomical in comparison; the cheapest of carbon-based fuels.

Clearly, Hinckley Point is supposed to create tens of thousands of boondoggle jobs for France and Poodleville. That's why the goons & thugs are so in favour of it but now a second EDF executive has resigned in protest. It may never work as the technology is untested. If it does work it may produce so little energy before being closed down, that China will never get her money back. It could be decades before it ever gets started too.

Claims of security concerns, shows the bigotry, because EDF is a state-owned company, yet is accepted without question.

This could involve the business and energy secretary, Greg Clark, inviting the Japanese giant Hitachi to expand its existing programme of two new reactors in Britain.
- Hinkley Point C delay points to renegotiation rather than rethink

In other words, Japan, which unlike China was on the opposing side in WW2, is trusted because it is a victim of the Great Satan's protection racket, whereas China is powerful enough to resist oppression.

Also, "Why did the chancellor tell me Hinkley 'will go ahead' five days ago?", state-run BBC

If this is an attempt to play hard-ball when the bankrupt, insolvent, parasite poodle-state has no aces at all, it's a really dumbassed one. What a bunch of hapless amateurs! They presume China has already invested too much time, effort and money to go back. Instead, it's a good opportunity to walk away from a deal that no one else wanted.
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Note how Poodleville's goons & thugs (mostly Oxbridge gradyooits) are incapable of creating a viable, wealth creating venture!
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Who knows! It is, however, relevant that new nuclear fusion reactors are being developed with less radioactive waste. Look up "new generation fission reactors". Workable fusion reactors are not yet developed. My personal opinion is that deep drilling for geothermal power will be the most practical "green" source. The centre of the Earth is MOLTEN! It's RIGHT THERE. No need for space ships etc. Just DRILL!
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Hinkley Point is a Dog With Fleas

The anglo/zionist propaganda rags moan a lot about a price guarantee that is double current wholesale prices. But they fail to mention that that includes the cost of building Hinkley Point C, which the poodle state is too bankrupt, insolvent and desperate to fund itself even with ZIRP.

Other risks are that little or no electricity will ever be produced, that the completion of the construction could be decades away and that the "nitroglycerine" POO in which that £92.5 is denominated could collapse in a hyperinflationary run on the gangster funny-money.

The main beneficiaries of this boondoggle are the french and anglo builders. The main loser could be China's nuclear companies, who will get nothing but a vague promise to showcase chinese nuclear technology, followed by Poodleville's taxsuckers who will be paying an additional tax to fund the construction and non-jobs.
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