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Where food is dear life is cheap_a true story beneath the surface of China [Copy link] 中文

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Where food is dear life is cheap

I met my dear little brother again in my dream or my imagination, which I cannot be certain, but I know he came to me for I see him clearly now, the way he smiled and the way he hugged me. Although I have already reached my chilly middle age, my brother stays youthful, and often in my memory I confuse him with my son. He never seems to get old.

For the last nine years. I tried not to think of him, tried to tell myself that he did not exist. I talk to my parents quite often, but we steer clear of him, out of guilt or pain, or both. From time to time he would come to see me, but he does not say anything. In fact, he does not speak any more. So for 9 years I have not talked with him at all.

Last time I went to see him. He kept silent all the time when I was there. I did not know what to say either. So silently, I kept his company for a couple of hours; in the hope that it could make any difference I gave him some money. Still he said nothing. My tears just kept flowing down, and  through my tearful eyes, I could not see him clearly either; or I did not have the courage to look up straight at him for I felt the guilt, the guilt of not being able to take care of him. I stole a glance of my mother; her face was all wrinkled. At the age of 60, she looked more like an old candle burning out wax; only a few drop of tears managed coming out her deep but dry wells.

In my memory of him are filled with a lot of incidents of how I got him into troubles. He was the darling of the family and everyone seemed to love him for he was lovely and cute, but he was also a bit spoiled. Once he stole money from my piggy bank and I told on him to my parents. They punished him really hard. Until these days I can still vividly see how badly he was punished, and wish I had not told on him.

Despite the fact I was doing very well at school, I had little influence on him academically. Many a time I tried to teach him math, but usually ended with a fight, and in the end, we both gave up. He never graduated from high school.

The last word he was heard saying was “Water………”, but nobody paid him any attention. I can vividly see how he was fighting against evils and struggling for his life. I felt so guilty that I could not pass him a cup of water, nor pay the doctors there to assist him in his struggle.

The last time he said anything to me was 9 years ago. Then he just graduated from a local college and married a young college graduate. My whole family were so happy and proud of him that we believed that it was a miracle that he could be admitted to a college, graduated from it, and captured the heart of a girl from a college with a much higher status than his own. He was confident then, and ambitious. He quit his job with a state-owned company and opened his own little one. We visited our parents together and we chatted all the time. He was the funny one of the family and his jokes would always make us laugh.

But in an evening of 9 years ago , he took that fateful taxi with his friend who was then drunk. A dispute of some sort occurred and a policeman was called; the driver, the drunk friend, and my brother were taken to a local police station to resolve the dispute. Anxious of his where about, his young wife found early second morning he was taken into a police station, but the police station did not offer any information about my brother. Only through some side contacts, she learned that my brother might be found in a local crematory, where,  in the same afternoon, less than 20 hours after he was taken into that police station, my brother’s body was found as an anonymous, scheduled to be cremated soon.

Later, the local police station admitted that they had detained a person like my brother but had no information on him, neither his name, age, nor address.  Autopsy by police appointed doctor showed that he suffered numerous injuries, all over his body, including his inner thighs and the part close to his private. Yet it was explained that he died of an injury suffered from falling from the fifth floor in that police station. Despite our protests and complains all the way from local city, to Beijing, the local police cremated him. No investigate was conducted nor any evidence was preserved or documented.

I could only imagine how badly he was beaten up by those local policemen, who acted worse than the most despised wild dogs. In a room on that fifth floor, he was tortured to near death. Whether he was thrown out of a window or he actually jumped on his own to terminate his pain can never be learned. He was rushed to hospital but never treated.

“Water…” was his last unfulfilled wish as the few policemen watched over him.

But one thing remains an undeniable fact. My little brother was taken into a police station to resolve a dispute with a cab driver and his body was found as an anonymous in a local crematory less than 20 hours later. After more than 8 years protest and complaint to all levels of Chinese authorities, the local authority finally agreed to pay 100,000 RBM (or US$12,000) to settle the wrongful death of my brother.

In the past 9 years, my brother’s wife, a young widow, a young college graduate was totally ruined from her heart to her body. She has never got out of the shadow of this tragedy and never gathered the courage to start her new life despite our strong urge.

In the same nine years, the relationship between my mother and my sister was ruined, for without any way to seek justice for my brother, my mother turned to “FenShui” master for explanation. Numerous such “FengShui” masters were invited to do magic in my mother’s house in the effort to drive out the devils who took the life of my brother. By the by it was found the thing that killed my brother was the huge iron gate at the front entrance of the yard, which my parents’ house shared with others. My mother believed that my sister did not do her due diligence in choosing the location and the orientation of that gate, which eventually got my brother killed. For many years, I mother would not speak with my sister until my mother finally rebuilt a new house, and thus moved out the shadow of that evil iron gate.

In that same 9 years, I tried to avoid my brother, taking anything associated with him out of my sight. Never had I gathered enough courage to tell other people about my brother, for I felt shame and guilt as if it was our fault that my brother was killed.  This is the first time I ever talked about my little brother, little, for he never got the chance to grow up.

“Water…” was the last word from my brother. Every time I went to see him, I made sure I bring him water lest he would be too thirsty in his struggle.

He died on 11/9/1994 in GuiYang city, GuiZhou Province. And his name is Yang, Xiao Hong,

(Note. Please do not interpret this tragey as an anti com_munist party story for I did not want to make any connection with the party. In fact the admission of wrongful death by the Chinese Authority was not a result of our protests, but allegedly,  a result of the mercy of the Governor of GuiZhou Province in 2002. His mercy brought a closure to my parents who wished to close this chapter before going to see their son soon, and a closure to my brother’s widow, who I hope will eventually gather her strength to relive her life again. For that I thank the Governor.)

As a Chinese, I cannot ask for too much. Where food is dear life is cheap, cheaper than a wild cat as in my brother’s case.


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Thank you for sharing your story.  It is a true tragedy, and my sincerest condolences go out to you, your family, and your brother's family.

Yang, Xiao Hong will be remembered.

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I feel so sorry to the story

I read it twice.i'm moved.what did they do in 20 hours?who did it?who gave them the right to torture the inculpable people?why are there so many issues connect with the POLICE?

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Thank you

Dear fellow members,

Thank you for your comforting responses. I felt so much better after I poured out my emotion for my brother, which has been suppressed inside me for 9 years. I never had the courage to touch it and I tried to shy away from anything to do with China until the last couple of years.

Two years ago, my father almost died of a wrong medication prescribed a "Bare-foot-doctor" in his home town village. In his recovery period I felt had to visit him. I was so shaky for I strongly believe I was on their black list, because I made enough noise for my poor brother back in 1994 ( I was informed then that the moment I sent a protesting message in the US, a Chinese Consulate reported back to "Gong An Bu", the Chinese Bureau of Public Security?). All my colleagues in the US tried to persuad me not to venture ahead into China, but the calling of my dying father then gave me the courage.

When I was passing the Chinese Immigration my heart pumped really hard and fast, my hands shaking, and my knees jerking. I stared at the face of the official to see any sign of a flag jumping out on her computer screen. After I got my passport back and stepped beyond the yellow line, I paused for a long moment to regain my energy. When I finally left China 20 days later, after passing the immigration again, I felt relieved as if a heavy boulder finally fell off my shoulders.

Every time I step into China, my own mother land, I immediately feel I am transformed and am no longer a normal human being, for I know it so well that at any movement my life can be taken away, likely without ever being asked for my name or my address. Before the death of my brother, I would not believe such a nonsense story. But now I do. We are not that invincible and we are not protected at all. A US passport does not do you much good either for we know that by law the Chinese authority has the legal right to prosecute any citizens on its territory. So my dear fellows please be refrained when you are in China, as advised by member sdsxbao never to offend a policeman in China.

Even in the US, I become very cautious, and I no longer feel so free to voice my opinions for I fear the FBI or CIA may track me down. This is the impact or lesson I draw from the death of my brother.

The fear is in my heart, and I cannot explain it with reason. I wonder such a fear, after being conditioned in many tens of generations of Chinese, has become an inherent part of Chinese culture. "Do not talk about politics!" is the proverb most Chinese inherit from our history. Could this somehow partially explain why Chinese, either in China or abroad, tend to shy away from politics?

(note to the concerned authority, if any at all: I have no intention to politicize my brother's death. I am just trying to find a closure to this tragedy by talking about it. In the past nine years, I did not even talk about it with my parents or my brother's widow for we did not want to remind each other this pain in our heart. We try to numb ourselves, but the pain never went away. So please fogeive me if doing so would offend anyone. )


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Write a book!

You are a skilled, poignant story-teller, and it sounds like you have enough anecdotes from your own family to write a book.  

P.S. You have nothing to fear from FBI or CIA as long as you're not working in the defense industry.

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