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LOVE and MARRIAGE(new reply~~~) [Copy link] 中文

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I know what I will say seems to be lack of persuasion, for I'm still a single now, but I can't help myself but to say something about the eternal topic——LOVE and MARRIAGE~

That reminds me that the description on TURE LOVE which I heard from a philosopher and psychologist a few years ago——Love is the communication of hearts and the integragation of the soul and flesh! Though any defininations on love is not applicable to everyone,I still think the above defination is proper and convinctive,so it has embedied in my mind!!

As the saying goes:Marriage in haste,then repent at leisure!! With the higher rate of divorce and abortion,these phenomenons cause the concers about the family and social problems.I think families and society and governemt should take the responsibility to deal with the serious things! Why the ture love which everybody talks about but few have seen? I help myself wonder how come more and more persons don't take LOVE seriously,even just regard it as kidding and a pure game!Outrageous, be way out of line,in my opinion!

As you know,everyone has different family and cultrual background,as a result of different attitudes towards LOVE and MARRIAGE! With growing up day on day and more physical mature and mental mature,we gradually shape our own view of point about LOVE and MARRIAGE! Mentality conduct behavior,we differs from others,but there's only two results,happy or sad which we finally feels it in our real hearts!

I suggest we'd better ask some questions both ourself and the beloved as follows:
1. Am I really love her/him?
2. Is he/she really love me?
3. Whether I know so much of her/him and her/his family background?(the enough mutual communications)
4. Whether I can stand the shortcomings and imperfections of her/him?
5. What's is the his/her most appealing factor to me?
6. What I can do for her/him?
7. Whether we are all prepared for the marriage?
In short,marriage really deserves great considerations. So we have every reason to be prudent enough before you decide to marry someone. No regret is OK~ :)
If you have any disagreements to what I said above,let's agree with the disagreements~

Finally, I'm sure good guy will determined to find his/her half!
I also hope every couple of lovers turn out all right ultimately!

Author: Kelphon

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: )

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When I was falling love with my boyfriend, I was not aware that I am to be married with him.   At the beginning I did not know him deeply and I just feel loving him by intuition, without any reason.   

Now i come to understand him fully.  I can tell whether he is happy or not just from his voice.   It is the same with him.

However, marriage is a little different from pure love.  It is not so romantic but realistic.  I think all the lovers should know the burden of life if decide to get married and should not give up.  Especially for girls, marriage does not mean to get a finantial supporter for life, but make efforts to establish a warm family together.  I think this kind of marriage will be more successful.

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i love you

i want to

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I am not sure

is there anybody  that knows A Taiwan cartoonist named Zhu de yong, who ever writes: the feeling of love is like the taste of a gum when you just begin to chew it and marrige is like the taste of a gum after you chewed it.  Actually I am single and have not a boyfriend now, sometime I doubt the marrige because I find I am easy to be tired of someone when I stay long with them. I know it's my problems cos' I am the girl without patience  with others and somewhat stubborn .  So I am really wondering how long love passion can last. I always think probably it's easy to fall in love with someone but it's a hard work to live togother for long. At least I think it's hard to find someone we both can bear others' shortcomings. Maybe it's because I don't meet my Mr. right yet.

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ture love?

in fact, i agree with you,and I hope i can lead a happy life with ture love,and then be married,it is ideal for me,now,i have a boyfriend and we get toghter for 3 years,at first i didn't understand him,even though today.i sometimes don't see his thought,but i feel i have relied on him,maybe it is not a case,but i think clearly it is a habitual,i get to recognize that my life is grey without him,though we also qurralled with each other,he is not romantic but realistic,i live romance,so i always say that his life is dull,and i need romance,and every time,he always tell me that he would do it like what i said,but he also do everything with his initial mind,it is true that we both need our own space and our own thought,but we both need bear each other,it is a case in our life,so sometimes we also need to take reality into consideration,if we can consider  in his thought,maybe we can understand him or her.

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men are from Mars,and women are from Venus

that's the differences between men and women. Men are goal-oriented, while women are relationship-oriented. Love is magical,and it can last if we remember our differences.

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