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what is the family tree of G. Bush, and His Wife's, and More famous people aro [Copy link] 中文

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Sorry,  I know nothing about   Kerry and Edward.

and  First of all,  I d like to know something about Bush's  Family  and The West Wing in the Whtie HOUSE.... wHo are they living there, Bush' family  and His  dogs and mates........

Make or break in Manhattan

Sep 2nd 2004
From The Economist Global Agenda

The “Grand Old Party” is making its case for re-electing George Bush at the party's convention in New York. Moderate Republicans have featured prominently, but Mr Bush’s proposals for a second term could look like a continuation of his polarising first four years

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can you see the premium content from which should pay moneyand the

But a far harder edge came on Wednesday night. Zell Miller, a conservative Democratic senator who has largely voted with the Republicans for several years, was recruited to give the keynote address. This was meant to lend a bipartisan air to the night. But Mr Miller gave an vituperative, red-faced indictment of John Kerry, Mr Bush’s Democratic opponent, claiming that he would weaken the military and give the United Nations a veto over American foreign policy: “John Kerry, who says he doesn't like outsourcing, wants to outsource our national security.”

Following Mr Miller, Dick Cheney looked positively tame. The vice-president, loyal to his boss and also ready to wield the hatchet where needed, praised Mr Bush and trashed John Kerry in equal measure. But his delivery seemed relaxed and almost jovial compared to the fire-breathing Mr Miller.

With Mr Kerry vigorously bashed by the president's lieutenants, the stage is set for Mr Bush to take an above-the-fray tone when he speaks. On Thursday, he will lay out his agenda for a second term. On foreign policy, he is likely to be cautious, staying with the themes he has developed since September 11th. He will no doubt repeat his mantra that America cannot sit back and wait for another terrorist attack, but must take the “war on terror” to its enemies. The surviving members of the “axis of evil”, Iran and North Korea, may feature in his speech, though with America so deeply involved in Iraq and still taking casualties, he is unlikely to be aggressive. And, of course, he will defend the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—despite admitting this week for the first time that miscalculations were made after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, in an interview with the New York Times. A recent Republican television advertisement tells viewers that “freedom is spreading throughout the world like a sunrise”, a note that Mr Bush is sure to hit too

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"what is the family tree of G. Bush, and His Wife's, and More famous people arou

they say he has blood traced back to the Royal Family in Great Britain.  

his dad is famous, George H.W. Bush, as he was the presdient, which im' sure you know.  He was shot down by japanese forces during WWII...and should have served a second term, but didn't, unfortunatley.  His dad also served as vice president under Ronald The Great Soviet Crusher Reagon.  He also envisioned the 'Start Wars" that is now being built in Alaska..he was also running rampant in california with TV actor John Wayne before he was president; they shared a common interest in destroying com$unism(USSR, not china).

but, other than that, he's just a normal Joe with a few oil connections

"Dick Cheney looked positively tame"
Cheney is a fire-breathing dragon just waiting for provocation.  He'll burn the liberals every chance he gets.

Yes, beware N korea and Iran, you are next on our list.  I almost wished the Iranians held the Brits without realeasing them...perfect reason to attack them.  but, that's another story.

"miscalculations " - he later reasserted himself was a mistake and taking advantage of by the liberal, rightfully so I suppose.  

Bottom line: Prime Minister Blair and President Bush will be re-elected and that's all that matters...

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vote Bush!


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Bush is famous


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Have you Seen the Debate on TV about presidential campaign?Politic isn't an unt

Do you think  Politic and Religions are two sentitive stuff you d better keep far away?

Now  Don't you see that THERE are stars and celebrity get awareness to use Politic as a good channel to express their own idea for the normal people,such  as a concert to surport their favorite candidate for  Senator, even thou  President>

Did  9/11   Stick US  Admin to its people,or let its people get angry with their Bush  Admin......

and  Did  9/11  tell  people in the West alots that we should take care of ourselves and have right to give own voice to vent dissatisfation to their Gov

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What do you Think of Chinese policy and Maoism in the war period from 1927-1949

Recently, I learnt that from the NEWS, China put efforts to  Enhance  Ties Between  China and  Russia,   China and  German, and there was an event to celebrate China and France's cultural Year.

When i was young in middle school, we have politic examination,in which we should remember the big event and news maker,and where and when it happened?  

at the time, i  knew that, there was strategic ties between  Russia and China, I don't  understand that since I think Russian are always friend or teacher to China,but in fact who knows what go behind these two compettitive Huge countres,

then  there was construtional ties between  China and Usa,becoz the two can not isolate each in the performent of world cooperation and globalization?

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