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Have you a glance at Bible-----InterestinStuff and greatly inspire great write [Copy link] 中文

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What does Christianity have to do with the Pax Romana?  I would say that Christianity was influenced (enabled to flourish and spread) by the Pax Romana [Roman Peace] more than the Pax Romana was influenced by  "Christianity."

Rome was a successful world power long before Jesus was even born.

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This is an interesting discussion .......

Thank you, CareSoBig, for initiating this thread. Over time immemorial, scientists have tried to explain the 'how' of things but as much as they have endeavoured, none has been able to explain the 'why' of things. For example, scientists have tried to explain 'how' the universe was formed vide the 'black hole' theory (and many other theories) but 'why' was the universe created remains a mystery. Irrespective of whatsoever perspective we care to lean on, all points to a grand design of a sovereign Creator.

I believe in a good God who has created this world and who has also created us for a purpose. The fact that we are alive today is convincing proof of His great love for us. During procreation, had it been a different sperm, you and I would have been a different person. We will all find life more fulfilling, more joyful and infinitely more purposeful, if only we can be made aware of His love, His grace and His mercy.

We all cry for the many babies whose life have been willfully taken away (through abortions like what have been shared in this thread) for doing no wrong on their part. We can only ask for God's grace and mercy for taking such creations away when God has already allowed them to be created and formed in the first place. God knows each one of His children by name. It pains Him, it grives Him when we hurt His children and when we choose to take His little ones away.

Thank you, machjo, for highlighting to us the basis for biblical truths. I agree with machjo's clarification.  The words in the Bible are not just written by men per se. They are inspired by God and thus the words are really God-breathed.  

I also agree with meln88 that the world is not getting any safer. We have seen many atrocities that have been committed by people in so many places. Our only safe refuge is to come back to our Creator who alone can protect us and gives us comfort in our times of need. He alone is faithful and His love is unchanging although we are less than faithful and that the best of our love for one another are often tainted for we are all less than perfect anyway!

I hope this sharing is helpful to all. Thank you for lending me your ears and giving me your time!

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What does science have to do with religion?

Nowhere in the Bible did it talk about the earth being flat, evolution, ect...
Sure the Bible did say that God created everything, but it never said HOW he created it(except humans). Besides, scientists are the one's that started the whole "the earth is flat" crap. Religious guys just went along and believed it. Religion and science should be two seperate things. I personally hate scientists trying to prove that a religion is false or a religious guy trying to prove that god exists and there's no evolution. They should realize that so far, the Bible(plus other religions) and Science didn't go against each other so far, so they should find other things to do.

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Re: jetschin

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Who is the Father of Jesus Christ If no god......Who made maria pregnent before

curious.......Why science spoiled so many facinating story

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