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Chinese man and foreign girl [Copy link] 中文

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Several reasons

Airforcevet has raised the issue of the number of ex-pat women in China, even if he has to make snide comments while doing so.

Fewer non-Asian women come to China than men, so one will always feel that few Chinese men go out with them. It may well be that many do actually go out with Chinese guys. But of course then there is the issue of whether Chinese guys feel they can ask out such confident (to do business/live overseas they must be) these kinds of women, as tracytracy says. Some Chinese guys I know said they felt embarrassed to ask out confident Chinese women - so they would have the same problem with foreign ones.

As to a "height thing", well I don't know that Chinese girls are really concerned with that. Though I'm sure many would like to go out with tall men, some Chinese guys in the northern half of China are reasonably tall to begin with. Also my Chinese ex was not very much shorter than myself, so much so that when she put her high-heels on she was actually slightly taller. That never caused any problems between us.

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I am a white American female with a Chinese boyfriend. I do not know what he sees in me, but I definitly know what I see in him. I have had five boyfriends before him, 3 white 2 black, and they all were HORRIBLE! My boyfriend is evrything a girl could want in a man. He is sweet, caring, kind, considerate, cute, playful, fun, and smart. He buys me small, sweet presents, I do not expect nor want big expensive gifts; just sweet ones to let me know he is thinking of me, he holds doors open for me, he is from China, he is not Chinese American, he is very polite and he comes from a very nice family. I have read that Chinese guys may only date between 1-4 people before they marry someone. I am worried about what his parents will say, not mine they only care if he treats me well, but our relationship may not get that far. He is definitly marriage material I think. I can see our relationship going that far, it just depends on what he feels. I am still a little inscure about our relationship, because I am used tol guys saying I like you instead of showing it in their actions.

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a thought

Hello everyone - I'm an American female graduate student. I've been following your forum and I find it very interesting. I actually went to China this summer and got to stay at a university in Sichuan- I got to know a lot of Chinese students at the English corner.

So you wonder why you never see a Chinese guy with a foreign girl? I wonder about that a lot too. I think Chinese men are very attractive - if I could find one who was interested in me I would probably be crazy for him and want to date him - I'm very short - petite you might say (only 5'1"  or 156 centimeters?) so I think they are the perfect height for me - and I don't care for really tall men, just men who are taller than me is fine :) . There's something really attractive about their dark hair and eyes and their body type to me is almost ideal - I am also very slender so I don't like huge guys with lots of muscles... or chest hair.

I think it also depends on what you - the men who are reading this - are looking for in a woman. You might actually be surprised that a lot of American/Western women DO like Asian men, but if you consider yourselves too shy to approach them - well, we also get the feeling that you do not like us. Some of the American girls I've talked to think that Asian men think that American girls are easy or too wild, or won't understand Asian culture - or maybe Asian guys are not interested because by the fact that we are not Asian - but in fact, I find that a lot of women are curious about Asian men but feel that we can not approach them.

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i believe the view on size is the most important barrier

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I agree with you, meinupengyou.

I'm an american woman too, and the percentage of Asian men I find attractive is probably about the same as for "white" men.  I don't find a lot of men attractive, but when I do, it has nothing to do with race. I've seen beautiful men of all colors. Of course, that's just the physical side, I could also love a guy who isn't that great looking if he's got other important things.

Chinese guys: Don't be afraid! Talk to whatever women you want. If they're not interested, they'll probably be very nice about it, considering they're in a foreign country and probably don't want to be too rude or say something offensive.

Us white women may seem more independent to some people of other cultures, but we're still WOMEN, and love to be flattered and treated with respect and affection.   (Well, i do anyway!)

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