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Chinese man and foreign girl [Copy link] 中文

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Hey Kanyuek you are Chinese

I see you are trying to cause trouble again you BOX OF ROCKS. Yes I know it is you "LOSER" I saw you talking to yourself in another post. God you need a life. Leave your needle dick alone, yes take it out of your hands. Go find some French cupcakes virgin boy.

shjohnny,  oberlin,champers,Kanyuek, lkanyuek, 2kanyuek, selrahc, etc, (actually I got 2 to 3 more than anyone know, guess ?)


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Reply: Hey Kanyuck...

"...shjohnny, oberlin,champers,Kanyuek, lkanyuek, 2kanyuek, selrahc, etc, (actually I got 2 to 3 more than anyone know, guess ?)"

  Good that you figured this guy out.  I think this guy is a small Chinese guy and he hates Americans.  Unfortunately, he knows that frenchies don't like him either.

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Reply to littlecat..

I like your style.  You turn me on.  Do you have a nude photo?  Don't worry, I won't show any one ;)...

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Back to the subject- Chinese boy and Western girl

Sinobai said "If ONE Chinese women (or man) meets one Western man(or woman) and they are attracted to each other then all the better. And Chinese men don't worry about all those silly rumours you hear about Chinese and 'western' men/women. If you two love each other and have chemistry then nothing else matters. You just need to be creative. The sooner this world is all mixed up the better."

I agree with Sinobai and I think most writers in this thread have overlooked the possibility that Chinese/Western couples might be (shock!) in love.

But why is the Chinese boy, Western girl mix a rarity? It is probably shyness on the boy's part, a Western boy will chase a Chinese girl but rarely will it happen the other way round.

Having said that, there are exceptions. And I'm one of them!

I'm a foreign girl dating a Chinese boy and our relationship is not based on money, or novelty but the simple fact that we enjoy each other's company. We make each other laugh. We are from similar socio-economic backgrounds. We have similar goals in life.

He is just one of the many reasons I'm glad I came to this beautiful country. The world is getting smaller, or as Sinobai says "The sooner this world is all mixed up the better".

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Reply: Chinese man and foreign girl

Dear Minime:

  Here are some of my observations regarding Chinese man dating western girls vs. Chinese girls dating western guys:

(1) not enough western girls are in China.
(2) western society portraying Chinese men as lackeys.  most westerners are suppose to look like Brad Pitt, Paul Newman, and Richard Gere.  That's why western girls are not "usually" actracted to Chinese men because of the negative stereotyping of Chinese men.  Whereas, when chinese girls see or meet a westerner (with various attributes) because of western propaganda, they are already somehow curious or even aroused.
(3) chinese men just don't know how to approach western girls.
(4) unequal social and education status.  far unequal.
(5) chinese girl could hope for a better social status or life by marrying western men; but, what could western girl gain by marrying chineseman?
(6) what could chinese men offer western girl as a husband and father to her kids?
(7) sexuality wise, western girls are not aroused by/attracted to most of the chinese men in china (for now.  hope it might change in the future 100 years at least is my guess).
(8) because its easier for them to date western men, chinese girls tend to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of their parents and family (pussy power).

  Finally, remember that looks and appearance cut both ways.  Chinese men have to be attractive enough for western girls to be aroused.  China will be there someday.  Not now, not yet.

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Hi little cat

How is my little British girl?  I like your meow style.  Happy New Year.

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Some truth but also generalisation

In terms of looks: True, not ALL western girls will find Chinese men attractive, just as not ALL Chinese men will find Western women attractive. But its impossible to stereotype, for despite cultural conditioning, people the world over are inherently the SAME, so there are always possiblities for attraction between a boy and girl or two boys and two girls!

As I've stated in earlier posts, I think shyness on the male's part has a lot to do with Chinese men not dating foreign women, as does the language problem.

However, the world is getting smaller and barriers are broken down when two people from completely different cultures can speak the same language.

Many bi-lingual Chinese, who are both intelligent and educated, have a lot to offer to Western women.

Think about it, we choose our partners based on compatibility and love, why should you deem that these factors cannot occur between a Chinese man and a foreign woman?

Maybe it is rare but it is not IMPOSSIBLE.

Embrace China's globalisation. It is a wonderful thing.

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