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China, I Understand Your Pain, But It's Time to Move On From Japan Apology   [Copy link] 中文

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Japan paid for their crimes in the form of 2 atomic bombs. Like I said, that is one small piece of information that is always left out of this when the Chinese play the non apology card.

Again, I'm not denying that Japan did terrible things, just that it is time for China to move on for their own development.

Should I continue to demand that my ex Jpanese girlfriend who lied and cheated on me, continue to apologise to me every single year for the rest of my life? Make her get down on her knees, confess her sins? Or should I just find my own strength and maturity to move on? If I do move on that is the only way she will respect me in the end any way. If I continue to harass her and demand an apology then she will just end up being satisfied that she made the right choice in dumping me, because I've turned into an obsessive angry creep.

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We sympathize with Abe feeling TIRED of apologizing year after year for the mass murder of 35 million Chinese and 5 million Koreans.

There is an honorable way to do this under the Japanese Bushido code, which is to commit Harakiri to atone for the sins of his ancestors and predecessors.  All else, like whining and pining is not honorable.  It is not even Japanese.  Who is this fellow actually?

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Buddy, you're so angry (and I think your caps lock is stuck on your keyboard). Calm down, control your emotions. I'm your friend, I love China, I want to help. no one can do diplomacy when you are just spitting venom, it's like trying to negotiate with North Korea.

Trust me, when China stops forcing Japan to apologise, stops shouting and screaming and spitting anger. When you show that you have moved on, even show to them that you don't even care anymore. When you are a calm, peaceful, happy, open, free, intelligent, compassionate, a fully developed and prosperous nation. When you have shown your ability to push through your pain of your past on your own by taking your own painful journey of growth. THEN, and ONLY THEN will you have moved on from the past. And only then will Japan look at you with more respect. And then, if there are any issues left over from the past, the Japan will be forced to look within in themselves and deal with it. But it will only happen this way, not by forcing them which only has the opposite effect.

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middleway Post time: 2015-8-15 10:30
Buddy, you're so angry (and I think your caps lock is stuck on your keyboard). Calm down, control yo ...


Abe, we are waiting for you to show TRUE JAPANESE HONOR for the sake of your ancestors, to do the RIGHT THING ONCE AND FOR ALL TIMES, so future Japanese Prime Ministers will never have to apologize again.

Maybe, your friend above will help you accomplish it, without your realizing his designs?

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I'm not Abe's friend, I'm not taking any side here at all. This is typical of some Chinese immature undeveloped response to a situation that I don't like, and a little disturbing when the old pre WW2 revolutionary language creeps into your dialogue.

"You are Abe's running dog! You try to bring China down! Well you never will! We will rise and conquer!"

Come on! Grow up! The rest of the developed world has. Like I said, be mature, don't respond, show you don't care, do it the right way, and Japan will then be forced to take a long hard look at itself this way.

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There is a point that China needs to move on.

Yet there is also an obligation that China keeps Japan in check along with others like Korea, Indochina, Indonesians and Australia. How this is done China can start thinking with those willing.

China's obligations do not stop with Japan. On the global stage there are US, Russia, Germany, UK, Indonesia, India, France and China's immediate neighbors. Where terror reigns, perhaps China now needs to come to the front to work with the others to stem such terror from reigning. China needs to rise above stalled mentality - Japan has proven that it can't ever.

China's strength lies with its people, not the land, resources or wealth. Human values should form the core reason for China's existence. China can reach out with greater humanity purposes, one that can be seen by the world that is inclusive. Hold back anger. No doubt here China needs to thread carefully due to unresolved issues. But it is with this and through this challenges that China becomes better.

So China move one differentiating China with other mediocres like Japan for one.

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The problem is not with China but with the righ-wing elements in Abe's Japan who are trying to white-wash WWII history by:

1) Sanitizing history books 2) Denying WWII atrocities 3) Playing the victim card by not acknowledging Japan's WWII crimes. To be sure, Japanese administrations in the past have apologized repeatedly for WWII atrocities but it's the current administration headed by Shinzo Abe that is trying to undo those past apologies.

Sorry it's not China's problem but Abe's Japan to deal with their WWII atrocities before the world.

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