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1.  That no country should be allowed to use nuclear weapons ever again against civilized countries like Japan, but not necessarily against uncivilized countries like Ahem, Cannot Be Said.

2.  That Japan will not make nuclear weapons, but will nonetheless retain the capabillity to instantly make and deliver such weapons to any country that threatens the peace and prosperity of Japan - a major concession by Japan, considering what it used to do to harmless countries that wanted merely to live in peace in the early half of the 20th Century.

3.  That despite Japan's "commitment" to peace, it retains the right to project military force anywhere in Asia and the Pacific that it wants, especially against countries that are still smarting from previous Japanese invasions, like the make-believe Japanese invasion of Korea and of China.  These countries are especially dangerous to Japan because they refuse to forget and forgive what Japan refuses to accept and atone.  Ridiculous countries!

So, we commemorate the sad day when Japan was finally defeated and stopped from continuing its carnage in Asia, that up to then already claimed 35 million innocent lives in China and an equal number if not more in the rest of Asia.  The extreme suffering of Japan in losing some 200,000 residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki more than compensates for the suffering of China, Japan, and the rest of Asia, whose numbers of the dead and crippled are beyond all imagination.  The lesson is other countries have no right to do unto Japan, even 1% of what Japan has done to them.  Let the world long remember!!!

In truth, we should aim for a nuclear-free world, but first, we should aim for a Fascist-free community of nations, in order for that to come to fruition.  Fascism instigates, promotes, and propagates the destruction of humanity.  A world free from war can only be a world free from fascism.

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The rightwing Japanese government learned NOTHING from Hiroshima but to accuse America of ending the war so brutally, that Japan started with the Rape of Nanking, which alone resulted in the death of 300,000 civilians, compared to the combined casualty of 200,000 of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The right-wing Japanese and their Neo-Nazi lackeys learned NOTHING except to do what they have always done by revising history, to say that America would have lost ONLY 40,000 LIVES if it had chosen to invade Japan instead of drop the atomic bombs.  It liked to quote US admirals and generals who wanted to claim the honor of having defeated Japan with their own forces, rather than let Truman take the trophy from them with his damned A-bombs.  But these generals and admirals are not the ones to land on the beaches of Tokyo if Truman did not use his A-bombs.  Their soldiers and marines would.  There is no doubt that Truman saved a million American lives from dying on the beaches of Japan in 1945, and probably six million Japanese lives too, from being sacrificed by their emperor to defend himself in the process.

Truman is an American hero, and nothing will ever change that.

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