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gap between the rich and the poor [Copy link] 中文

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government should do~~~~~

To make the gap smaller is very important to one country , It maybe affect social political and economic development.  The item is that Government should take into consideration. as an individual, I think we can not.  we only help or contribute a little, even if a richer.
     The government should leverage and provide proper source or favorite to poor region, but help them to learn how to make rich not to how to use the money and source.

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I agree with you

     yes , the gap between the poor and the rich is natural,but we have to face the fact that  the gap have become larger and larger . I think that if this gap is large enough,the society would begin to unsteady. Now,we can see that there are still some poor peoples in the remote regions.many children can't go to school because of no enough money.but the rich in some big city ,such as shanghai ,beijiang ,always spend thousands yuan  having a dinner and this maybe is the total incomes of some poor families. now , the governments at all the levels should do theirs best to speed up constructing the foundation facilities and helping the poor getting out of poor. decreasing the gap between the poor and the rich asap.

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Natural gap---sounds good!

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The massive wealth gap is neither natural or inevitable.

I've travelled to dozens of countries and never have I seen such a disparity in wealth as in China.  It's incredible, and one of the most shocking things about your country.  It will lead to social tensions as the gap gets larger and unemployment grows (no economist outside of the CCP actually believes the 'official' rate).

I agree with what karenb says, with one addition:   

Some form of universal healthcare; I realise that China is a poor country but there is no reason why basical medical care can not be available to all.  

Basic hygeine in schools and other public buildings.  Soap, flushing toilets and real sinks.  This will have a huge impact an common infections, and help the economy with reduced overall sickness.  

In short, China should introduce some socialism into its raw capitalist system.   It's supposed to be C ommunist after all...

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though the income gap is natural, it is harmful for the further development of our whole society and the future of our nation. it produces a potiental inbalance among the society. when this power amounts to a certain level, it will burst out and make things worse and worse

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two points

Just like the upper talks,I think that the gap is natural and unnatural.
First,our country is a BIG one,there are a lot of details differ from the other countries,such as the population,the economy development and anything else.We have plenty of problems to solve,what we need is the time.
Secondly,the goverment has done little for the present problems,especially in the remote countryside.People living there are very poor,while the gov's concentration only on the urban people,medical insurance,unemployment insurance,etc.In my opinion,rural people are more necessitous.

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