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6 cultural differences between China and the US[6]- [Copy link] 中文

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6. Collectivism vs. Individualism

Basically China values the community and the US values the individual. If you achieve something in the US, it's because you were great. While in China, if you achieve something in China it's because the team, or family, or company is great. Everything you do gets attributed to the greater whole, while in America individual merits are celebrated.

China's ...

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seems interesting to me.

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"Basically China values the community and the US values the individual."

That must be why, in China, when a student works hard, and scores high on the gaokao, the teacher gets all the credit, eh?

#5 & #6 are nothing but gopher dung.

#5 "Chinese people value education and career more than Americans, who in turn put more emphasis on good character and faith."

The education part, I'll give ... to a point. The career part? Forget it. The only thing Chinese look for in a career is money. As long as that 'career' pays them a lot of money, they'll stay with it, but when they get wind of something that pays more, they're gone faster than the time it takes a sneeze to hit the back of the head of the person in front of them.  A good career in China is not something that you enjoy doing ... it's something that pays you lots of money ... even if you hate it.

#6 Collectivism vs. Individualism
Obviously the writer has never had to suffer through a leader's speech, before. It's never about how well the company (collective) did ... It's all about what the leader did, like he's the only one in the company that matters.

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Thank you for this article. As I am back in my Motherland this month promoting my new book Zhu Pearl,I feel a deep sense of pride and gratitude looking at how far my Motherland has come. Experts have conceded that China is leading the Asian century, and her new leadership is gaining worldwide admiration for their foresight, courage and reformation throughout the country for the general good. I am proud of my Chinese roots, and having forged my life in 3 different countries (Singapore, Australia and Malaysia) I am so humbled to trace back my roots in China.

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cmknight Post time: 2015-4-2 19:47
"Basically China values the community and the US values the individual."

That must be why, in China ...

I agree with you, and more. The comparisons are so ridiculous I can't even be bothered to try to analyze them. It's hopeless.

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Great piece of propaganda. Don't you wished that any of this was true? Having lived here in China for the past four years and knowing the reality, I could rip into this and reveal the truth point by point. However, there's no need. China is great in many ways, but, this article reveals none of them.

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Bad analysis

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