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"some" Chinese girls /guys desperate for expatriates mates ?? [Copy link] 中文

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Spot on lad!!

If someone wants to travel to have sex they can go to countries where that sort of thing is much more readily catered for.

China is known by many travelers to be amongst the most difficult places to explore, in fact it takes some serious time to adapt to the way of life here.
In truth, the majority of laowai I have met during my stay (in this most fascinating of countries) have been interesting, kind and respectful to the local culture.

Loosers indeed!!

I met very few who fit that discription, and only one who seemed to be here for sex.
I myself left a very successful job as an IT technician(great job for a 22 year old in Dublin) to be here, and after my first year I'm happy to have planned a return only months after I go home in a few weeks.

Most of us are here for the amazing experience of living in such an alien enviroment and fascinating culture.

People on this forum really crack me up!

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places like philippines, thailand, etc. offer plenty of extra-curricular activities. i've traveled to virtually every country in Asia, so i understand what you're talking about.

still wondering what your definition of "good intentions" is..

however, i've witnessed an amazing array of foreigners with such ignorance that it boggles the mind.  Some have been acquaintances and others haven't.. however, i don't believe that my observations are totally out of the norm. There are plenty of foreigners who come here and complain about the food, the language, etc. But it's important to note that they are just visiting and should not act pompous and disrespectful. I wouldn't call them my good friends, but I have noticed an increasing number of these kind of foreigners in China.. (guess that also has to do with the increasing influx in general too).

These people give foreigners a bad name, with their arrogance. I hope you guys are not of this ilk..

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Not at all Rockhard

I've only met one person who fits into that category (whinger i mean not deviant)
He was from Chicago and lasted all of about three weeks.  F*** this, f*** that, f*** China.  I can't say I was too upset to hear he was beaten up by some locals.
Where a\in China are you?  I don't hang around that much with foreigners to be honest.  If you can make some good Chinese friends it makes the experience so much more enjoyable.  
When you've done 27 hours on a hard seat train surrounded by spit, smelly feet and splattered food without complaining you know you've adapted to life in China.

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SHA and BJ

In those 2 places, but mostly in SHA. Where are you in China?  I've done the 20 hour train rides on hard seat and have a fair share of both local and foreign friends..

Too bad about that arrogant American who got beat up - he probably deserved it. Probably tried to hit on some local guy's girl?

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Good intentions

What are good intentions for coming to China?  Hmmm....maybe some people just come here for a good job.  I have a few foreign friends in Dong Guan and we all seem to be here first and foremost for a good job.  You see there are these equations that go like this:

Good Job = Good Money
Good Money + Low Cost of Living = Save Lots of Money + Live Rich

Anyway, sure some of these guys are players and sure they're probably more successful here than they would be back home, but still that's all just seen as a fringe benefit.  Push come to shove though - no job, no money, no fun.  So the job is always the first priority the the main driving force for being here.

Why not work back home?  Well don't forget the low cost of living has a big impact on what you keep from what you make.  Also, for me, international experience is GREAT for my career (that's #1 "intention" for me anyway).

Nothing wrong with a person making a good living, right?


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No problem with that

Glad you're able to articulate your reasons well. I have no problem with people looking to make a better life for themselves. So, you're in Dong Guan? Most foreigners I've interacted with have been in SH and BJ. How are the foreigners in those parts of China? Hope they're not cocky like the ones I've witnessed.

It's the arrogant foreigners who are inflexible and disrespectful whom I despise..

Any others have thoughts on the different experiences with foreigners in various parts of the country? I would surmise that foreigners back-packing or teaching English in a little town in China would have a different attitude than foreigners you see in big cities..

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I found this topic has to be picked up again

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