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Why is Amercia strongest among all nations? [Copy link] 中文

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Awareness of obligation of citizens for American

I love my country, but I fear my government.

Human right is more important than sovereignty; Freedom is more practical than patriotism; Constitution is more reliable than president; Livelihood is more imperative than politics; Education makes people to see their future. That to pick up flaws from policy and to blame the government is the act of patriotism.

A country under the rule of law

In America, when new immigrants come to take the test for the nationals’ common knowledge, they are always be raised a question to tell the definition of “a country under the rule of law”. Chinese will give an answer as ‘every citizen must obey the law.’ But the America immigration office gives a correct answer as ‘the government must obey the law’. Why a country under the rule of law can happen in America is just because it gives every individual a right to supervise the act of government whether it is subjected to regulations it has stipulated.


In America, every sector and individual have rights to publish newspapers or other forms of medium except the officials. Why is that happening?

America allows free speeches and sound of blame in everywhere from publics, but opposes any force that controls them. America is unable to tolerate any force that directs the way of thinking and anyone that direct the speech of publics. American freedom of speech guarantees the right of nationals but not the officials. You can rebuke the president of America in every way you like, but doing the same thing to publics will be in wake of a punishment.

The first class for children

As Hu Shi was in the Cornell University, he came to the elementary school to eavesdrop on a teacher of his class. Full of the entire class was the oath students repeated from their teacher:

“I guarantee myself of using my capability of blaming; I guarantee that I fully explore my independent thinking and intelligence; I guarantee I receive education to judicially make decisions.”

This oath was written by the third president Thomas Jefferson to the American students.


The sounding American Blackman Martin Luther king leader of civil rights says

The booming of a country doesn’t reflect on its financial earning, durability of the country fort, or none of the building for infrastructures, but the quality of its nationals, the education that people have acquired and as well as knowledge and experience. This is where the strength comes from.


The house in America is a permanent property for each citizen including the space of 800 meters above and below the ground. Anything such as mines or petroleum found within this space would belong to the landlord. Government has to pay marketing price to purchase the subject found within under the admission of the household.

Heat offering

Once in a city of a year winter, snow covered up all places and school requested all students to come to school leading an opposite sound from their families. School explained that this decision would offer heat and hot soup to students who don’t have in their families. Parents questioned why not just for those who really need? School replied it was because for their self-respect.

Dead remains

30 years has passed, America is still looking for the remains of the soldiers that sacrificed in the war of Cambodia Laos and Vietnam. America is in effort to look for the dead remains lost in Asia to guarantee its pledge- make everyone be back home.

This work has never been stopped. Anyone who finds American soldiers’ remains will get 250 thousand dollars and assistance to immigrate to America.


In American Arlington National Cemetery spreads over boundless gravestones for soldiers and lieutenants that stand beside in fairness.

Developed in self blaming

America is one country that likes to blame itself among all others. Intelligence and social medium almost stand oppositely to the side of the government. They blame its policy and regulations.

There are at least eight times of such kind of self blaming activities after the World War II, revealing its defects radically. To response, American leaders always listened carefully to their criticism and amend themselves to stay on the right track.


There is an origination for American to own private weapons.

The Second amendment of American Constitution in Dec 15th 1791 includes the following term.

A disciplined civilian military troop to guarantee the safety of sate is imperative so that the right to own private weapon is inviolated.

A belief American never doubted is that none of government is trustable only themselves are those who they can depend especially when they have guns.   

Official (公务员)

In America only 3% of university graduate want to take test for Official; in comparison, some country has this number above 70%. Mr. Maeder of ex-Russia president said that if too many people emulatively go for official, corruption of this country would be incorrigible.

New York mayor takes subway for work every day

Michael Bloomberg the New York mayor has taken the subway for work every day since 2001 on the day of his inaugural. He only asked for 1 dollar for his salary in three consecutive elections he had won. Usually there is no one to give seat to him when he was on the train and he has no choice to stand for a half hour to his work place.

He gave an order to cancelled 70% of official cars, so did mayor Arnold Schwarzenegger in California.

Difference between American bagger and Chinese’s

Baggers in China mainly include groups of children, disables, women and elders and few of strong adult. American baggers include masses mainly from strong adults and few of elders or weak people you can barely find on street. That is because in America, welfare is offered to those who are unable to go for work, but not for those who don’t want to.

Obama’s brother living in Kenya’s slum

English medium reported that American president Barack Hussein Obama’s brother George appeared firstly in front of publics in 2008 while he was living in Kenya’s slum. Publics criticized Obama for his mercilessness to his brother.

But another documentary was revealed to show that Obama’s brother refused his handout as he said that Obama took care of the world, and then he took care of me.

The common sense of evaluation

In Taiping, American missionary Thomas Taylor Meadows came to China and saw many miseries and disasters. He concluded that the most necessary for China was not advanced technologies but the basic civilization.

The so called basic civilization is the spirit of contribution, sense of human right and comprehension to the civil politics and freedom. The reason we call those as the common sense of evaluation is because everyone has to understand it unless you are still a barbarian.

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