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What's your take on Xi's 'four comprehensives'?   [Copy link] 中文

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4-comprehensive-plan makes a good blueprint of 2015, as one of common citizens, I am strongly supporting and caring about " what are the details of the plan", " when can be fully completed ", " who can  be the real beneficiaies from the plan", " how to be implemented with high  efficiency".

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I thought 4 is unlucky
Good Gweilo: My job is the ideological quality control

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1. moderately prosperous society
- China, when added with the "unreported incomes" is at global average. 20% of the citizens with 20% of the global gnp.
- BUT China produces 30% to 60% in almost all kind of categories of products, produce, durables, capital goods. That's MODERATELY prosperous, any more - the whole world can CLOSE SHOP.
- China weakness is it's SERVICES industry under development WHICH has many FACTORS, dependent on LOCAL situation - which is rather complex if you ask any GENUINE GENTRY SCHOLARS who dares to speak.
- Defination of MODERATELY could be quite threatening based on current GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY and LIFESTYLE developments.

2. Deepening reforms.
- current reforms is based on  the RICH range & workable models in SERVICE industry developed since ancient times, which many DEVELOPED, ADVANCED countries in Europe, Britain and America has COPIED, IMPROVED intensely. China has since ancient days, due to vast population - presence of the NATURALIST gentry been able to adapt, even in the less remote VILLAGES, extensive SERVICES guilds.
- the REFORMS can only be UPGRADING homes, logistics, technologies, to modern status.

3. Advancing rule of law.
- there are LOCAL neighbour hood law, LOCAL JIANG WU law, Provincial and CENTRAL government martial-civial law. Use of common law, Excellent INSPECTORATES <meaning WELL BALANCED vetted scholar gentry marshals> to inspect and understand the EFFECTIVENESS of the JUSTICE SYSTEM in each district, province, regional bloc, country, international links.

4. Strict government party.
- Well, Central Government needs this network. That's obvious. But China's ancient factional systems, cults networks is a massive INTERACTION system.


that's fun!


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wowzers Post time: 2015-3-5 12:20
I thought 4 is unlucky

Well spotted. These goals would be much more comprehensive if increased to a lucky number such as 8, plus people could then comprehend them more easily.

It's similar to turning up the volume on a music amplifier to 11, it's so much more poweful than the supposed maximum 10.

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Albeit without seeing it, I would say.. let's get the priorities straight; CLEAN UP CHINA. I've seen the CPC friends ...driving around in their Maserati(s), etc; you know, the ones that build dozens upon dozens of EMPTY 40+ story apartments.. with the peoples money; you know.. the people that drive bicycles, bicycle carts, and hawk whatever on the streets..  and share run-down old 33 M2 flats.
I'd say.. forget about being the world stage - mighty China ..that benefits only the privileged few, and clean up the air, clean up industry ..and the water table & watershed; clean up the food supply.. and agricultural lands and practices, and AND end and enforce all endangered species trade, and regulate & enforce ONLY sustainable fishing practices..  so CHINESE CHILDREN, and their children ..and so on.. HAVE some real hope for A FUTURE, in an environment conceived for the people, NOT (just) CPC industry & developer friends.
And I would say.. GREEN up your cold & concrete cities, and overhaul the systemic corruption (and police), so every Chinese citizen IS EQUAL AND HAS EQUAL & FAIR OPPORTUNITY..  SO CHINA WILL BE LEAD INTO THE FUTURE BY ITS BEST.
And I would say, put the poisoning and polluting fireworks industry.. out of business! The abuse and excess (not even close to a strong enough words) in this discretionary polluting AND poisoning practice..  is appalling!
And finally, I would suggest that there is enough work (research, technology, science, innovation, engineering, education, planning, implementation, maintenance, regulation & enforcement, etc. etc.)..  in making these ..priorities, and building a SUSTAINABLE China..  to keep generations inspired, enthused, proud ..and employed!  (your "moderately prosperous society")
A FOREIGN NATIONAL, temporarily in China

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Too many technical jargons - 3 represents, 4 comprehensives & how many more to come?

Chinese dream realized? If not then plenty to learn. May drown thinking and digesting.

Don't remember the much touted Deng Xiaoping has any jargon. He probably just said that China must open itself to trade.

Compare China v US.

1. President : China's appeared to be stronger.

2. Country : US appeared to be stronger.

Observation : Solely between US and China, China may have a President with stronger personality but US has a country that is stronger both in hard and soft power and having demonstrated a political system that has continuity and acceptance, marks of a strong and stable nation. Who stands higher at the moral high ground is still undecided and who can muster power from diversity remains to be seen for both. Moral high ground and power derived from unified diversity will point to a reliable source/nation/society/region which the world can look towards to for guidance.

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biztru Post time: 2015-3-6 08:12
Too many technical jargons - 3 represents, 4 comprehensives & how many more to come?

Chinese dream  ...

There is the SIX TEACHINGS, 3 NATIONS, 2 SEXES.......

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