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21 year old Shanghai boy murders young Chinese girl in Canada [Copy link] 中文

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Late last year, Canada hit the Chinese newspapers when a young Chinese girl, Cecilia Zhang, the daughter of Chinese immigrants to Canada, was snatched from her home, and later found murdered in a field.

At the time, I saw lots of posts on various Chinese internet sites condemning this, talking about how it was obviously racism, and saying things like the girl had probably been murdered to try to make the Chinese leave.

Now, it turns out that it was a 21-year old Chinese boy from Shanghai, studying in Canada.

I'm just curious -- why do I see almost NOTHING about this in the Chinese newspapers?  You'd think that they'd be HAPPY that the Canadian authorities caught the criminal, and that he will be punished for his crime.

But no -- only silence.

The beating of a Chinese woman by a U.S. officer is definitely worthy of discussion and condemnation; but shouldn't the MURDER of a young and innocent girl be even MORE worthy of discussion and condemnation?

For those interested in more information on this terrible tragedy, you can check out the official website for Cecilia Zhang at:

And more information about the abduction and subsequent investigation:

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Re - 21 year old

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to canadianguy: so the crime happened in canada, right? how many crimes as such

the killer will certainly be given capital sentence for the crimes of having ruthlessly taking other fellow man's life away.

You definitely will show your "sympathy" to the criminals only, to prevent the Chinese government from giving the victims justice, won't you???

Tell me how to get justice done for those over 10,000 Iraqis whose lives have been ruthlessly taken by unjustified war crimes??? And those 3000 lives lost in 9/11 by the american government organised crimes???

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No australianyang

There is no capital punishment in Canada.
What does Iraq and 9/11 have to do with this post?
Please stick to the topic.
If you want to bash the US find the appropriate post to do so.
BTW Canada did not support the war in Iraq.

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Chineseyang, I don't understand your arguments at all

1) Canada does not have capital punishment

2) I didn't show my SYMPATHY to this criminal -- I stated that what he did was wrong, and asked why CHINESE PEOPLE ARE NOT CONDEMNING HIM?  I hear lots of people condemning an American who beat a Chinese women; but almost nobody saying anything about a Chinese man who killed a Chinese girl.  

Seems that YOU are the one defending the criminal, by refusing to talk about it.

3) What do you mean, to prevent the Chinese gov't from giving the victim justice?  The crime happened in Canada, he'll be punished in Canada.  Just as if a Canadian commits a crime in China, he'll be punished in China.  Your argument makes no sense.

4) What does Iraq have to do with this?  Are you saying that because Iraqis are being killed, what this boy did is okay?

5) I am, personally, opposed to the invasion of Iraq, and never agreed with or supported the military action there.

Funny -- you get upset with me for mentioning this crime, and pointing out what a terrible tragedy it is; but you don't say ANYTHING about a murderer who killed an innocent young girl.

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Could this incident have any good or bad impact on the ties beween China and U.S.A.?

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Yes, let’s get down to problems existing in China’s law enforcement

Naturally it is understandable for us to concern more about the beating of our fellow citizen in US. But don’t you think it is time for us to rethink tons of problems plagued in China’s law enforcement???

Every Chinese has to, if not readily, admit that the impressions of Chinese police is not so good, if not too bad, in the hearts of every ordinary Chinese. And it is safe to say there must be TONS of Chinese policemen do treat their fellow citizens much more brutally than that American police officer did. The beating of a Chinese woman in US reminds of me another barbarous violence which happened not long ago in Central China, committed by a gang of policemen, not beating foreigners, but beating fellow citizens, simply because the head of the police station drove a car with an invalid license plate and he was stopped at the checkpoint by some other inspectors of law enforcement. In this case, the police officer first violated the car license regulation, and he chose never to correct his behavior, instead, he actually whipped together a gang of his subordinates to assault the inspectors who stopped his car at the checkpoint. This kind of violence by police is definitely worthy of the strongest condemnation. And I am sure, if this police officer who committed the violence would have received as more attention and criticism as that US counterpart, the police in China will improve their work much more.

So, let’s direct our energy and patriotism to address the interior problems more effectively!
Do not let America point its fingers at our weaknesses.
And I think this is the best way to counter strike!

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