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Are English in dilenma to deal with America,in anger,or more friendly [Copy link] 中文

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I learnt from the stubborn English teachers here who don't like  America much when we in class guess whoes english is better and inclined to the American style.

They are two old teachers who teach  IELTS Here,have many abraod teaching apinoins and proved to be great Specialist in this field...

But when he was asked something comparied with American,He and She are never willing to give any more comments.

I can smell They love Britian more ,but america in favor by us defintly.

He or  She  had never been to American,<they have been to many more nonenglish country becoz  English is scarce there and hard to produce by local talents,but they went to  Autralia and Cananda for hoilday but why    no  " American",   what is the English view on America,   and why Chinese so hard get access to America for further study)  have never set the plans to be there,mightbe there are really old and preferred in stay somewhere quiet and underdeveloped with right pave for their lives.

Sorry, how to say,   WOW, i will delect half of personal post or someone which might hurt feeling here.....I prefer to reading now

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You hit the nail on the head!!! (you are absolutely correct)

I went to a Symposium on China US relations, culture and commerce".
There were representatives from the State Department, Embassies, and other government officials. That same question, "Why is the US denying Chinese students from Universities in the US"?
   The answers were not satisfactory, weak and outright rediculous. The main answer was "Since the 9/11 attack on the US in New York, security has been tightened"........
   We could not get any real answers out of them. It was mostly political rhetoric.
   The real answers is the "Affirmative Action" type reasons. Give unqualified students a chance to pull themselves up to the level of those highly qualified. Chinese students coming to the US has been cut by as much as 1/3 in some Universities.
   Personally I would have the best and brightest students filling up our schools rather than those who have no study ethic.

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Immigrants to the new land......

The British are still our friends and allies. They also consider us their wayward children who came to the US and changed the English language to less than proper. They also still call us jokingly "colonialists" as in the original 13 colonies set up by those who came to the US originally. Incidently, my ancestors call them "invaders"........
   Here in the US generally, if a word has an "a" in it, we pronounce  that "a".  Of course there are words with silent letters also.

   This happened to me in London:
I was looking for a book store on Gower Street. I asked at least 10 people and none of them had any ideas as to where Gower Street could be found.  
Understanding the great difference in our language (even though it is the same) I wrote the words "Gower Street". and handed to the next person..... He said, " Oh! Gawa Street, right over there". I tried it three more times, and they all pronounced it Gawa Street.
   American English is easier to understand because there are so many people from all countries of earth with many accents. We must use the word as spelled. That standardizes the pronounciation.
   Admittedly there are a number of sub cultures who prefer to de-standardize the language at the local level. Generally we can understand our English when pronounced using the letters provided in the spelling.

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...usually talk louder and slower than Brits so they probably are easier to understand.
As small as Britain is, the variation in accents and dialects between different counties is amazing.  From Liverpool to Leeds to Newcastle.  Such a short distance to travel but you could be forgiven for thinking you're in different worlds such is the variation in speaking.

By the way, I'm not surprised no-one understood the way you said 'gower'.  It's not a real word, it's a name, so it's no good trying to think of the most logical way to say it.

I think the simplified American English is slightly more popular at the moment in China.  Not like Korea though where American English is demanded.

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re: Gower Street

I have noticed the same thing in London.  The British accent is not just one type of accent, but there are many, depending on what part of Britain the locals are from.   If they speak slowly enough, they are pretty easy to understand, but it seems to me that many do not articulate words the same way as Americans would, even though both are speaking English!

Your example of Gower Street is a good one.  Americans would say: "GOW-er."   You indicated that English say "GOW-a".

Many other words are like that as well.  They do not pronounce them in the manner they are spelled.

Some make fun of Americans for saying -erb instead of herb.  But I've noticed that British often leave the h off of the word "how".    'Ow many do you want?  What's up with that?

Lancashire looks like Lank-a-shire, but I guess they say it "lank-sure" or something like that.  Greenwich is not green-which, they say gren-ich.

I'm not saying it's wrong, after all, as Temico often points out, it is "their" language.  But is is strange and often confusing for people trying to learn "English", as they battle with Br-E and Am-E.

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To Xsleeper

With reference to your post, forgive me for my ignorance for I didn’t get what language is "their" language?  Thanks.

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