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Should rude tourists be blacklisted?   [Copy link] 中文

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lionstar Post time: 2015-2-13 21:06
could u pls STOPPPP sending CHILDISH DOTS

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We get lots of Chinese tourists here in London. Most are very polite and well behaved. They are good ambassadors for China. I wish I could say the same about myself. I have travelled a lot and have, occasionally not behaved well!

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Although I have not traveled the world as much as others, I have found rude behaviors from all foreigners, not necessarily Chinese . Lifestyles and customs however normal or not are difficult to give up whether at home, or while visiting other countries. Respect for the laws of other peoples when visiting must be a priority. Regardless, I do see many incidents of drunken behavior, line cutting, trash throwing, spitting, fighting, noise making, traffic violations, and much more from many people, even those who are just spending a couple days out of work and wish to party up on the week end...

Not all are like this, most are well behaved, but all it takes is a few bad immature apples to ruin it for the rest. Those that make the most noise are spotted more often than other well mannered people who don't attract eyes and ears. This why we have jails, to help those in need of a lesson in manners. When they find that their vacations or week ends have been ruined, and the fines outweigh the party up expenses, maybe they will have learned the lesson? Although I see more young adults behind this problem, that doesn't exclude bad mannered matured adults from violating any rules.

Maybe it's true, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

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Simple answer.  Absolutely not.  

Learning to be a good international traveler is not easy.  Just as people who travel from China discover, so do those traveling to China; new cultures are different.  I have been doing business in China, Taiwan and Vietnam for some 15 years.  I've seen rude people from many nations.  When people cross the line, I will speak up.  Littering, smoking where forbidden, cutting queues,  pushing, speaking loudly, acting like money or their special brand name stuff should bring them privilege..... When people act badly, either they have not learned basic social norms, or maybe they are just selfish people and don't care.  Either way, all it takes a few direct and public comments to let people know, their actions matter.   Often times it works.  Sometimes the people get angry.  Frankly, I don't care.  

No matter if it's travelers from China, the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or anywhere else.  We are all humans and each of us will live happier lives when we treat each other, including strangers with basic common consideration.

I just got back to China from the USA.  I was delighted to see so many people from China enjoying their vacation in my home country!  

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dusty1 Post time: 2015-2-12 19:52
Airlines are beginning to blacklist people

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Here in NZ, I've seen quite a few Chinese tourists who are very well mannered indeed. I've also seen a few who aren't. The biggest problem we have with guests from China is the driving habits of those who rent cars. They are now considered, sadly, a danger and concerned citizens are starting to take keys of those who fail to drive safely. Recently, a 5 yr old NZ child was killed, albeit unintentionally, by a Chinese tourist who was driving. This is a major issue over here now and citizens are extremely upset over this.

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When I first moved to China I thought that many Chinese were angry, loud when speaking. I didn't understand Chinese language.... I now know it is just the tones, the pitch and the difference of the language being spoken that draws your attention to Asian speakers.
In China waiting in line without butting in could have you waiting at a bus stop for days, just too many people. So, no I find the Chinese to be generally kind, helpful and happy people, at least to me. And I find foreigners in China to be the rude ones.....perhaps it's just the uneasiness of being in a minority in a foreign country. But I do find myself defending my "Americaness" to too many non-American foreigners in China with the Chinese accepting what my government is. Not an expert just an observer.

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