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How many people can not read,or Using COMPUTER in China...thinkin what can comp [Copy link] 中文

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what are called Healthy Adult Product?

J-List is a wonderful place where you can find hundreds of cool products from Japan. Some of our products are for adult only.

If you are 18 or older, please click the blue graphic.

If you are not 18, or are not interested in adult products, or are offended by adult products, please click the green graphic.


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Will animals feeling of "Depression " or "blue transparant mood" ruin your

WASHINGTON, DC—According to a joint study conducted by the FDA and the Department of Agriculture, nearly three out of four members of the U.S. livestock population show signs of clinical depression, with the vast majority of cases going untreated, government officials said Monday.

Sadly, much of our nation's livestock feel they have no future," Nelson said. "They see life as short, brutal, and bereft of purpose. They may appear to be functioning normally—eating feed, producing milk, and generating high volumes of fertilizer—but inside, many are just waiting to die."

A cat eats at Meow Mix's first cafe for cats which opened in New York on August 17, 2004. The cafe is an experimental concept, and will run through August 21, 2004.   (Reuters)

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How do you know Animal or Your Pets are depressed, eating nothing.or afrai

The signs that these animals are depressed were right in front of us, but too many of us in the food sciences were blinded by narrow-minded agricultural orthodoxy to see them," Nelson said. "But we can't think this problem will be solved through medication alone. Cattle have to learn to believe in themselves. They've got to see themselves as more than walking hunks of meat or they'll never get better."

Do you take  Chamamzee as anmial to do experiemtn on them or kill them if overpopulation for any kinds of animal except  Human being himself

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Why you have your eyes stick to America,While people in It doesn't care themselv

it is said that,  many more   friends  feel bad to learn  Chinese anicent culture,so now  if you don't want to be a expat you would agree to that statement. and more  Chinese learn to learn modern tenik from foreign developed countries..

But why more Foreignor  feel good to learn Chinese anicent culture.  Do you receive much influential info on Old China,or  They only take China as an old man can't can faster,rather be a turtle.

Why  we have test to test our knowledge and memory ability on political event,in chronically order to memorive many things happened around the world and survive the test...

sO many  bad test     manipulate Chinese personality,  when you want to scire high in a chinese chosipotion,you ought to write a moving story with some heroic deeds, can you write something about self such as in rebellion to do something wrong they record themself
We're not sure, at this point, whether this is a new trend or a continuation of an old trend," PCRG consultant Paul Van Lamm said. "All we know right now is that 70 to 85 percent of Americans are unfamiliar with, unaware of, or just plain don't care about what the American people are watching on television, seeing at the movie theater, listening to on their radios, wearing, rooting for, falling in love with all over again, or downloading."

According to Van Lamm, 71 percent of U.S. citizens polled had no interest in NASCAR racing, America's fastest-growing sport

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What are " Addicted" standing that mean you can't overindugle in anyt

Could i decrease the No of post while i turn then into bland one.

Will you delect them when there is not title not contend post left online.

It is good to know that the Mon  have right to delect the post.

Please give reason when you delected some good topic

please do it when some one require you delect some post

You should delect something  someday if some one place some erotic, picture here on this bbs.

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yo homey

i like your style, keep up those posts...P>S i hate white-shyt they pi$$ me off

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