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Dear qUOTED]]]]]]]]]:     "Meaning of     Your name in other language  and where from" by your Mother or from Dictionary

1:   All over the world everyone was getting his  name in much the same way,
Do you happen tp know a Mr. Smith?

Well,Smiths can be found the world over,especially in those places where horses were always needing new shoes.

2:  But becoz of the differences in language,
Smith doesn't like smith everywhere.
Smith is Kovac in  Polish',and   Kuznetsoff in Russian and Schimidt in Berman,  and  Shimisi in Chinese

3:If    Mr. Klein's forefathers had been born in England instead of Germany,his name would have been Mr.Small.If Mr.Brown had been
born in FrANCE  he would have been mR . LeBrun,If mR.Long had been born in japan his name would have been  mR Nagai.


Kizilbashis and O' Rourke in Turkey and Ireland,Rossi and Rossini in Spain and Italy Ryji and Rei in Russia and English,all have names that mean exactly the same thing:" redhead"

5.5.  It might be fun to find oout how you came  to have the name  you have,Sometimes it isn't easy,and even if you know Forein language or have an English name.For thru yrs,the words that make up our names have been shortened or changed a little.

5.6:  IF you name ends  in " ing" or sen or "s" or sky or "wilz" or ov, it's the same as if it ended in "son"

         That means that Robinson is ENglish for Rabinovitz; Ivanov is russian for johnson,and Hansen is Hohnson in Swedish:


Name are often made up of TWO words like ATWOOD,or CHRUCHILL or Greenfield,IF  yOUR name ends in Berg or Ton OR mont, it's the same as if it Ended in HILL..........

Wahington means Wahinghill,and maybe that's where the first wonshington did their  laundry.

{{{{{{{What do you think a New family with a newly born special child, a community here
THE new family will abandom him or her and have another child in process,leaving the diabled child to their grandma who still active and kicking in their 6os}}}}}}}

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that's if...

...the child isn't chucked out of the window of a moving train

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Can someone help me Decide Which post from me is competitive valuableing remain

delect all.

I wish i could select  one of great post here.

I also like to find some odd quoted news here.

and I really like to share something with you and waiting for chance to meeting you....

hehe, in beijing meetups

or     in  North Lake or somewhere in between  Bell Tower of Beijing aand Drum Tower of Beijing around the Second Ring road at the conor of Xicheng district Beijing,  Adjasent to Gulou bridge.

haha,,, the secret of       Men s  name is  so much of curiosity here

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What do you look like.?  tall,strong

what is you like? nice,strongwill.

are they different.../

  i think we do need more yangxiang about blackguy showing on TV.

Recently i saw a great   show  hosted by black about  tralogue,eating and visiting and traveling,on  Dongfang dian shi tai,shanghai tv.

Will   cctv gona to hire a black host,or it alread has,just make him or our front of the curtain

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