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China's Economy Is Sinking Like the Titanic as the PMI Sinks to 50.0!!! [Copy link] 中文

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yet china don't know how to protect its rights and wealth .
china must suffer then gain and then strong !!!

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abramicus Post time: 2014-11-27 13:30
China's economy can be compared to the Titanic because it was just as strong, but with a lousy cap ...

Now, go and report to your boss, that if it sinks, he will be fired."

Unlike MANY, I do NOT have a boss.
And DO believe me,  IT will  not sink.

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mikaelforsberg Post time: 2014-11-27 15:08
China need to get rid of the huge amount of foreign currency, mainly USDollars, since it is only wor ...

Yes, China should trade its hard earned dollars for hard assets like factories, land, and natural resources in other countries, rather than trade its hard earned dollars for Yuans that it could simply print with no effort, at a cost that is 0.001% that of the dollars it paid to buy back.   That is the point about the PBOC whose Yuan buying spree using hard earned dollars got China absolutely NOTHING in exchange for China's hard work over the past 30 years.  It is almost like ripping up an IOU from the Fed for free.

Just watch the PBOC try to shore up the value of the Yuan (benefiting Japan some more) by buying up more Yuans with its foreign currency reserve, in the coming days.

This will not end until there is a changeover at the PBOC leadership, and only if the new leadership is not a protege of the old.

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lebeast Post time: 2014-11-27 15:14
wondering what the Swiss will do this weekend?

will they vote for 20% gold backing and repatriation ...

I really hope they do, but they probably don't dare....

"The referendum on the Swiss Gold Initiative will take place on November 30.1 The Initiative demands the following: (1) The Swiss National Bank (SNB) shall be prohibited from selling any of its gold reserves; (2) the SNB’s gold reserves must be stored in Switzerland; and (3) the SNB must keep at least 20 percent of its assets in gold (i.e., the “20-percent rule”)."

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The House of Saud is driving the price of oil below $70 hitting the high cost producers first, but now, also the lower cost shale oil producers of US and Canada (Canada first because it costs more to get oil out of its oil sands).  This is a good time for China to buy more cheap oil and store it for future use.  But what is the correct price to accept delivery on?

It should be $0.50 higher than the market if the market price is below $70, and $0.50 lower than the market if the market price is above $71.


$0.50 above the market because it saves the oil producers from closing down their wells, thereby keeping the supply of oil in its perennial glut situation.

$0.50 below the market because it gives China the most oil for the least money.  China should keep the price of oil as low as possible and for the longest time possible.

What China has to watch with an eagle's eye is the exchange rate policy of the PBOC which has been burning dollars in exchange for nothing, absolutely nothing, as the cost of printing the Yuans it buys is worth only 0.001% of the dollars it spends in buying them up.  If there is any TROJAN HORSE or FINANCIAL STUXNET VIRUS inside China, it has to be found in the PBOC exchange rate setting.

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