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Following up their inconclusive criticisms of Emeritus Professor Lynn’s racial hereditarianism (see previous, xi 2009), Jelte Wicherts fired another volley (this time apparently during an ISSID conference, viii) to the effect that even Lynn’s basic estimates of national IQ were flawed.

Unfortunately, nitpicking criticisms that Lynn’s great sweep of studies (from around 1980) involved many departures from ideal representative sampling, required selection so as to ensure methodological comparability and might have underestimated IQs in African countries after nutritional improvements by 2000 were well known – not least to Lynn himself – and did nothing to dent the London School thesis that racial IQ differences were ordered E. Asian > White >>> Black.


In an astonishing display of state-funded academic uselessness, the de facto inheritor of the London School (of differential psychology), Steven Pinker (who, as a Jew, had been occasionally happy enough to explain to other Jews (at meetings in Zoo Yawk) that Jews were genetically brighter than Gentiles), confessed to the BBC (World Service, 23 viii, 11:25am) that evolution of human brain size and intelligence in the past 15,000 years could not be discussed, let alone examined by scholars, since to do so would raise questions of racial differences and eugenics and quickly get discussants booted out of their sinecures.

{That brain size had been found correlated at around .35 with IQ over the previous forty years – and even higher in work by my own Ph.D. student, Vincent Egan – was not thought worth mentioning by the great philosophe.)

*Harvard; soon to join London’s ‘New College of the Humanities’, headed by modewate Grauniadista lefty ‘uman-wights-luvin’ Antonyblair Graybeard.

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It transpired that ‘race realism’ (the congenial term for ‘scientific racism’, invented in Edinburgh) had its own entry in the internet encyclopedia {though modifying the entry required more obsessionality than I could be bothered with}:
Individuals today (2011)

· Chris Brand - Psychological and psychometric researcher, author of 'The g Factor: General Intelligence and its Implications' (Wiley DePublisher, 1996/2000)[1]

· David Duke - White nationalist,author of 'My Awakening' (1998, Free Speech Press), politician[2]

· Nick Griffin - leader, British National Party

· Arthur Jensen -- author of 'Bias in Mental Testing' (1980, Free Press), 'Straight Talk about Mental Tests (1981, Free Press) and 'The g Factor: the Science of Mental Ability' (Praeger, 1998)

· Lee Kuan Yew - First Prime Minister of Singapore, current Minister Mentor of Singapore[3]

· Michael Levin - Philosophy professor at City University of New York[4]

· Richard Lynn - psychometrician-psychologist, co-author of 'IQ and the Wealth of Nations' (Praeger, 2002)

· Charles Murray - Columnist of the American Enterprise Institute, co-author of 'The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life' (1994, Free Press) [5]

· J. Philippe Rushton - author of 'Race, Evolution & Behavior' (1995, Transaction), psychology professor at the University of Western Ontario[6]

· Steve Sailer - American writer for VDARE[7]

· Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister of Israel

· Jared Taylor - editor, American Renaissance[8]


For the Spectator (13 viii), Harriet Sergeant neatly summed up the situation: the education of Black kids had been entirely based on “wishful thinking” and little equipped them to compete in the UK’s labour market with hard-working and obedient East-European immigrants only too glad to have got away from the misery of communism.

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In an internationally televised basketball match in Washington, the Georgetown ‘American’ (all-Black) team and the Chinese team came to blows after the ‘American’ team had committed almost three times as many fouls as the Chinese. As fists flew, the Chinese were deemed by observers to have acquitted themselves well – and certainly surprised the Blacks. An AmRen correspondent wrote (19 viii):

“East Asians are often portrayed as even more passive than whites, but these Chinese players stood up to a bunch of thugs. I loved how surprised the blacks looked when the Chinese players started attacking them and defending themselves.”

{It was probably understood in the West that most Chinese regarded Blacks as subhuman; but there had been no previous audio-visual aid of Chinese willingness to fight their corner – whereas Whites would have had to slink away, fearing the anti-racist wrath of their peecee politicos and MSM.}


New evidence from a massive study of DNA and intelligence involving some 3.5K oldies from Scotland, Newcastle, Manchester and Norway organized by (my PhD student of the 1980s)) Professor Ian Deary, FRSE, confirmed Sir Cyril Burt’s 1965 estimate that the narrow (directly parent-to-child transmissible) heritability of fluid intelligence was around .45 (Molecular Psychiatry – email IAN.DEARY@ED.AC.UK; Guardian, 9 viii).

{Why oldies? Well, IQ tests had been outlawed by PeeCee since 1970! Why not mention the .75 broad heritability? Well, academic PeeCee requires no frightening of horses!}


The head of the Russian upper house’s international affairs committee, Senator Mikhail Margelov, became the first top European politician since Enoch Powell to blame the West’s problems (by 2011 including low-IQ single parenting, mass illiteracy, rioting and bankruptcy) frankly on third-world immigration and the related culture of mass welfare dependency (Ria Novosti [Moscow], 10 viii).

Margelov said: “the foolishness with which Europe regards its historical past has led to the filling of its cities with migrants from the former ‘Third World,’ many of whom do not give a damn about not just European values, but even about the elementary rules of conduct on the streets of Paris, Brussels, London, and Cologne.”

As usual, it was only Britain’s peecee politicians who didn’t get the message: a third of Sun readers said they wanted live ammunition used against looters; and two thirds of Scots told pollsters they wanted no more immigration (even though they had hardly had any since the Norman Conquest...). Only Darkest Howe (q.v.) made much effort to blame ‘police racism’ for the affirmative shopping proclivities of Black youth.

Pakistani shopkeepers demanded revenge (especially since three had died trying to defend against Black vandals): “People are very angry,” said a bearded man in a shalwar kameez who declined to give his name (Wall Street Journal, 11 viii). “There’s going to be retaliation. An eye for an eye....”


Health faddism was of no assistance in promoting longevity, a new study found (D. Telegraph, 3 viii). Academics in New York studied almost 500 people of between 95 and 109 and compared them with over 3,000 others born around the same time. They found those seniors who lived extremely long lives ate just as badly, drank and smoked just as much, took just as little exercise and were just as likely to be overweight as their long-gone friends.

The study was carried out by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, who interviewed 477 very long lived Ashkenazi Jews. Professor Nir Barzilai, director of the college's Institute of Ageing Research, said previous studies of this group of centenarians had identified certain genes which protected them from the effects of a normal Western lifestyle.


In line with Phil Rushton’s theorizing, a negative correlation (of -.20) was found between penis size and economic growth (1960-1985) in national data from 76 countries (Business Insider, 18 vii).

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A recessive gene, when damaged by mutation and appearing in double dose (i.e. from both parents), was found to cause “intellectual disability” (c. 2% of the population) – the genetic combination apparently being found in five families which had between them produced twelve backward children (MedicalXpress, 15 vii).

The finding of a (damaged) recessive gene for low-g offered confirmation of the thinking of Lionel Penrose (q.v.) and Volkmar Weiss (q.v.) that recessive genes in a double dose had a special role in causing extreme levels of intelligence. The MAN1B1 gene* was also associated with general developmental retardation, epilepsy and obesity. MAN1B1 was the eighth known gene connected with recessive intellectual disability, but there were likely to be many more involved.

"We would like to screen children with intellectual disability in a Western population," said Dr John Vincent, of the USA’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health which had carried out the research among inbred families in Pakistan.

* MAN1B1 codes an enzyme that has a quality control function in cells. This enzyme is believed to have a role in "proofreading" specific proteins after they are created in cells, and then recycling faulty ones, rather than allowing them to be released from the cell into the body. With the defective gene, this does not occur.

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I believe in nothing supernatural.

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Medal of honor

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HailChina! Post time: 2014-11-25 08:58
There are leprechauns in Argentina.

China genetically screens for dwarfism.

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