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The Best One Liner Xi Could Speak at the Australian Parliament [Copy link] 中文

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After all the niceties and intimacies are done with, such as the closeness of economic activities between China, which is Australia's largest trading partner, and in answer to all the threats to China for "threatening" to defend her sovereign territory, giving the foreign invaders time, more than enough to evacuate to safety, plus all the condemnations of China's human rights, and all . . .

Xi, could, but only he would know if he should, say . . .

"In conclusion, I wish to inform my audience that the Yuan exchange rate will be reset to 6.50 immediately, and depending on circumstances, could be reset to 7.00 or below."

That should set the world spinning again.

And the economy of Japan will crumble like a house of cards in a matter of seconds.

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Australia you say...
Throw another crimp on the economy
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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China has been bearing the majority of the burden in restoring the world economy, in Japan, in America and in Europe, by self-imposed revaluation of the Yuan to the point it has reversed its GDP growth rate from 14% to 7%, and recently, reversed its net gain in foreign reserves to a negative net loss of more than 100 billion dollars in just one month of October 2014, while suffering a decline in its manufacturing sector as reflected in its PMI and other measures of production.

In short, China's PBOC has single-handedly funded the economic-diplomatic-military containment of China, while the PRC government is struggling to avoid it.

It is time that Xi takes back control of China's currency, or let it float to its natural next stopping point of 6.50 by simply stopping all PBOC interventions to prop it up.

The reason Xi is having such a hard time fighting the pressures being put on China is because that pressure comes from the very source of China's own economic might, its currency regulators, the PBOC.  There is no chance anyone can get anything done if his left hand is holding down his right hand.  Such is the comedy and tragedy of the Chinese economy, more tragedy than comedy, to be sure.

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It is clear that China aims to reform the IMF such that the Yuan will become an international reserve currency, and it is likely that China has factored in the cost to its economy in its attempt to achieve that goal, but it is unlikely that China had expected its annual GDP growth rate to sustain such a tremendous drop from 14% in June of 2010 to a 7% in November 2014, or that its foreign currency reserve growth rate would drop so dramatically from a monthly increase of 0.5% to 3.98% to a NEGATIVE change of -1.13%.  The PMI has been dropping close to 50.2 at one point in the past 3 months.

Foreign pundits believe the drop of $103 billion dollars in October 2014 alone was due to CAPITAL FLIGHT, which contrary to China's supposed clamping down on corruption, is suspicious for a worsening of corruption, and in fact, with corrupt officials and their beneficiaries moving money out of China at an unprecedented rate, benefiting from China's self-imposed revaluation of the Yuan such that they get more dollars sent abroad than they could have a year ago.

Deng said China should touch the rocks as it crosses the stream.

We see none of that here in the way the PBOC has been carrying out the revaluation of the Yuan, not only are these red flags ignored, when the country is falling down and being washed down the river, it increased the value of the Yuan to historic levels of 6.10 recently, that promises to throw the stone after the fellow who fell into the well.

The advent of the Chinese yuan as the next reserve currency is the mirage, the cliff of factory closure and increased unemployment, plus the very real loss of China's hard earned dollar reserves, to the tune of 103 billion dollars in just one month of October, is the reality.  China's currency is being driven by someone wearing sunglasses at dusk, not by someone who has turned on the headlights to avoid the sharp curves and the cliff's edge beyond them.

Before China reaches its "hidden" goal of being a reserve currency, it would have lost most of its foreign currency reserves, and the manufacturing productivity that would enable it to match its money supply with its goods and services in order to prevent inflation.  The two combined is the well known economic nemesis of STAGFLATION which any country will need decades to climb out of.  Such is the price of this self-delusion that foreign economists would never tell China's leaders is just a pipe dream used by Economic Hitmen to destroy entire countries with.

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China under Deng have made a very big mistake of pegging one US dollar to 8.9 yuan way back in 1993. This have make China fall into the jew super elite businessmen trap. Now about 50% of China industry are indirectly controlled by the Jews super elite.

The suitable peg is actually 4.5 yuan.

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