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Not tea-------[(Love Over Coffee and Life without coffee)] [Copy link] 中文

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why you called it a culture, or part of life stuff you had have to do..drink som  tea.which  one is bitter oringinally.

i hate the bitterness from the Chinese medecine,which my grandma went to the moutain or cliff to pick up and dry them and make soup for me to drink............

But  bitter  tea we grow is less favored by me for we have more option to grow many teas,like in the area of  Zhejiang and  Fujian,Southeast china.

I tasted  coffee once when it was hot....I felt it bad wehter for my lip lost good feeling for the bitterness or hot of coffee

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Coffee and sex?

Two people can have sex......and one can too.

Two people can have coffee.... and one can too.

Can't imagine life without either.

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It is very different from the Coffee you make at home with coffee powder to Coff

What can make you more enjoyable about Drinking a cup of Coffee

Do you like to make a cupt of Coffee yourself and invite someone to go to Cafe room to taste it.

Whatsoever, Coffee is like a proism to me. is that the bitterness keep you up and warn you not getting sleepy and give you energy.

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quoted!@ Talk about coffee one more time FROM a girl

talk about coffee

<She said>  i am a chinese girl, seldom drinking coffee. i like the taste of coffee, but found the feeling that my soul is separated from my body was not so good. when i have to stay late at night, i drink a cup of coffee sometimes. when my body is tired, my mind is so clear and vigorous. it works, butt it's a unbalanced situation.
dear friends, especially those who often drink coffee, what do you think about the feeling after drinking coffee? you like it, or just need it to help you concentrate on something and keep you mind clear?

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quoted!@ "black coffee or white coffee?"

Which one do you prefer, black coffee or white coffee?

For me, white coffee, of course.
I like white coffee not because it's sweet for me. The special taste and fragrance do fascinate me. The mixture of milk and coffee brings you amazing feeling which you hardly get neither in milk nor in black coffee.
Sipping the drink, I can enjoy the proper proportion of white coffee, which differs from heavy milk and strong black coffee.

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Interest on "how to make coffee by ourselves" and how to keep its flavor decent

how to make coffee by ourselves

previously, i drank coffee only severing the purpose of making myself unsleepy, every morning, before i started to work or study, i would drink a cup of coffee, for the sake of convenience, i drank intant coffee, but now i find that i love coffee, love the feelign of drinking it ,enjoy it , so i have the idea to make the coffee by myself, but i don't know what material is needed and the way to make it ,would you help me?

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Coffee, A winner over Tea or other sort of Drink...Why you prefer it@

In the morning, or right after lunch.

NOT nescafe or any western instant coffee please. They are not for one to enjoy. They serve a functional purpose - to WAKE YOU UP so you can work your ass off for your boss.

My favourite: those powder (with low acidity, full coffee flavour) you brew using a plunger. Simple to prepare. Heavenly to drink.

Coffee in the evening is a no-no, 'cause then my eyes will be wide open all through the night.

--------From  hooligo

To tell you the truth, I have never noticed any "feeling" associated with drinking coffee. I don't feel that it makes me concentrate any better, and it does not make me feel excited, or sleepless, as some people mention. Maybe I have a high tolerance for the caffeine that is in coffee and other products, like tea and soda.

Which makes me think... why would coffee affect you any more than drinking hot tea? They both contain caffeine?

Anyway, the only "feeling" I get from drinking coffee is the feeling that I need to pee all the time. lol!   ---From X sleeper

A small coffee bean grinder and a place that sells different coffee beans will give you a good start.

Columbian is a good flavor to start with. You can go up or down from Columbian. Many beans are graded by how they are roasted. Some things are added such as vanilla.

Experiment with more or less ground coffee to make it stronger or weaker. Try different sweeteners. Milk, cream.......

Then go to a small expresso maker for those special flavors.....From spiritrace on how to make coffee

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