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Not tea-------[(Love Over Coffee and Life without coffee)] [Copy link] 中文

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Re:starbusks for Chinese meetups,so funny,say no English

"I'd rather be an hour early than a single minute late."
-- Hal Steinberg, a punctual Meetup member

Your Chinese Language Meetup is happening on Monday, Jul 12 @
7PM!  Please RSVP below and let us know if you plan to join
other Chinese Speakers.

NOTE: Your Meetup will be cancelled if fewer than 5 people say
"Yes".  Please RSVP by clicking one of the links below.

Your Meetup in Beijing, China is at:
Starbucks Coffee
China World Trade Center No.1 Jianguomenwai Avenue

Please RSVP here:

** For "YES, I'll be there" go to:

** For "NO, I can't make it" go to:

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another kind of coffee mate

many starbucks (maybe all of them which i'm not sure) ban smoking inside. u can however smoke if it happens to have an outdoor seating.

i love my coffee served with cigarette.

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Can you live without coffee. Never have i tasted it so far,<Pretentious ask,s

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I think,
...the language employed by the OP is a little harsh and hostile, isn't it? "Rubbish" food... who on earth chooses to eat "rubbish"?
I don't condone McDonald's at all, but I can't agree with those who say its food is "unhealthy". There is no totally "healthy" food versus "unhealthy" food. Every food is "healthy" to some extent. Eating rice thee times a day may stop cardiac failure in its tracks, but it isn't "healthy" either - look at the puny figure most Chinese who live on a rice diet cut!

Besides, these days it is difficult to eat "healthy" in CHinese restaurants as every business is trying to cut corners... improvising its cuisine techniques, substituting cheap stuff for more expensive stuff, not respecting hygiene regulations... and often serving food in unclean dishes and pots!

That's why McDonald's is so popular -it's clean, you know what you are eating, and it's airconditioned.

I do think parents should not allow their kids to go to McDonald's on their own;this should be a reward once in a while. But to suggest its dishes are "unhealthy" is ridiculous.
At least it is as nutritious as rice and congee plus some chicken wings.

Haven't you noticed that CHinese kids these days grow stronger than they used to? Yes, that's mainly due to changing diets!
The downside is, of course, that some present obesity


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Many people have time to write and read in a coffee group while drinking it

Flavor characteristics of the three major growing regions

Every fine coffee is known for particular characteristics that make it unique. But there are taste generalizations for the three major coffee-growing regions that can be helpful to keep in mind when tasting coffee:
Latin American coffees are known for their clean mouth feel and slightly sweet, lively acidity. In some of these coffees, the acidity sparkles clearly above the other flavor components; in others, it provides a subtle but crisp accent.
Africa & Arabia produce coffees that often have sweet flavors reminiscent of the aroma of a bowl of fresh fruit. This quality is balanced in some of these coffees by a somewhat tart acidity. This region exhibits a wide range of flavors, from mellow and winy to zesty and citrus.
Pacific coffees are generally rich and full-bodied, with nutty and earthy flavors. Most can be described as smooth in acidity with a slightly dry finish.

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Coffee<culture> boost your life and make you a feeling of being in love

I love the way she holds her cup. She uses both hands and loops her pinky through the handle. It's very confident looking. I hold mine in the traditional, masculine way: one hand, always making sure the handle faces away from me. I got that wrong once on a date. I spilled coffee all over my new white on white shirt with contrasting red power tie. Poked myself in the eye too. My date was very understanding about it all. We never went about again, but who cares? I'm in love with this wonderful, funny, and confident woman who is drinking her third cup of coffee with me.

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Such a simple bean, like tea how you treat it in the beginning is what it becomes when it is mature and ready to brew. We westerners drink too much! That can't be! There are so many kinds to try! Like tea.......

Even that nasty African stuff has it's merits. But mixed with the right water and brewed in the cold mountain air. Even the bears will be sociable for a taste.... Or a cold Wyoming morning looking out over the frozen snow fields. That is when coffee is at it's best. It brings you up to face the freezing winds and when you return, it's there to remind you of Juan Valdez and his roasters.

You can smell it a mile away on those cold winter days. It makes the return so much better. Or a thermos full after cutting firewood. It steams up the windows of the truck and warms you to your frozen toes.

Out on the tailgate, a little camper brewer for cappacino. I have at least 10 different coffee makers. One for the car, one for the campfire, some for the home, and one out in the shop. The old metal perc. with the cracked knob on top. A big 50 cup party brewer and the old fashioned perc......Mr coffe for speed and the tripple strainer for the other.

During the depression the stuff they made with grain......

I love my coffee. Of course my Chinese wife thinks I'm crazy................. and the face our daughter makes when she tries it........ I guess one has to be born to it.

I like tea too.

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