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Not tea-------[(Love Over Coffee and Life without coffee)] [Copy link] 中文

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About Italian Coffee ...

Everything comes or done in Italy is upnormal. Realy, upnormal. Their coffee mostly from Colombia and Peru as I suppose.
I have been there three times, I like cappacino, espresso, Margaritta and Napolitana pizza, I like everything there.
Is there anyone disagree? Sure, No one! Ha ha ha ha

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About the Starbucks here in Beijing:
I have been there 4 or 5 times, all the times I ordered coffee (without milk), or espresso. Honestly, all the times, I dislike their coffee. I feel it is just a name but no good tast as it should be.

Any comment about it!

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Cofee with/without milk!

Do you think that if you add milk to the coffee, you will miss the real taste of coffee?

I agree 100%.

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Starbucks in Beijing..

Tell that to Starbucks in seattle !

And see whether it is because they want their beijing coffee to suit locals' palate, or really something is wrong with the beans in beijing. The Seattle guys will take proper action I truly believe, as they care so much about their customers which are their paymasters.

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Adding milk to coffee..

changes the taste of it definitely.

But it is really a personal preference I think. I usually like to drink my coffee first without sugar and milk, then after 1/3, add sugar, and after 2/3 add milk. This to me is the perfect way to drink my coffee.

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Thanks.Hope you enjoy it more talks over coffee.Take care!

I didn't expect it  coffee is so popular (pretendious)here.<There is no clear address for me in Beijing,how can i get the right name of different Hutong,tonight i m here stayup in the net bar with some other mates who have booked train ticket for home the day after tomorrow.We braught a bottle of water,still no coffee,coffee tea >

In fact,  I had chance to try that black stuff in our foreign teacher's apartment.But there were many students there the time we visisted her.

She prepared three cups of coffee, mightbe by the reason that was not enough for all,only part of us went to taste it while some of us ignored them<pretending >,but in the end,all three cups left more than half full.

Did that mean we don't like coffee,or we were so considerate about each other that we wish anyone next should get chance to taste them fresh before it went to the bottom line.

Later more attention we pay to some photos mounted on the wall that She introduce her story in China with friends. it was a surprise that i knew  how can she can manage her  time here not as just a Teacher in Chinese eyes do.

Haha,  I heard her complain once showing unwelcome for us  to come and enjoy a visit to her.  Hehe,  She said  She shared one of great and better kept  wine for some students From other class,but they didn't appreciate and mixed it to some softdrink to drink ,in that way,only spoiling such good WINE.

Mightbe,as a student, we haven't learnt to appreciate a luxucy stuff which once in a while we get chance to try it.

----*------,<so  Now   Could someone tell me What are the inferior goods which people in CHINA have to have in their lives.>/----*------

I won't  spoil you here,you all can continute to enjoy more talks over coffee.      I  won't write more irrelevant,otherwse i will delect it

Finally  Wish you Guys the best life in China,having a enjoyable summer vacation.

I don't waste more time here,i told you that, i would if i could  disappear in a remote area without any connection to modern world

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I like going to Starbucks, but not because of its coffee. I think BJ Starbucks will certainly adjust to local taste, especially when you realize that many people in China are perfectly happy with instant coffee. When you ask someone in China about coffee, they would first think of 雀巢咖啡(Nescafe)
I like starbucks because that is a place I can trust when I visit a new city. You can pretty much use starbucks as the street signs for cool places in a city. Once you find a starbucks, you will know you are in the right corner of the town and there will be other interesting shops and cafes to be found. Take Gaungzhou, there is only one starbucks in the whole city, but it is indeed located in the probably the most affluent part of GZ, and on that same street, you will then find three other cafes that serve good coffee and some really nice couches too.

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