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Flying to Korea. Any advice? [Copy link] 中文

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I will fly to S.Korea in early Sept. as one of the exchange students under the exchange programme between my school and Ajou University, which is located at Suwon.

If anyone is from there or have been to Korea or...know anything 'bout S.Korea, please post right after.

I will basically stay there for one academic semster.

Thanx for reading.

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About Suwon

Suwon located about 30 minutes by a subway train from Capital Seoul.
Suwon is " Home of UNESCO World Culture Heritage Hwaseong Fortress".  

Subway trains run everywhere in s.korea, very clean, very fast and very cheap....and Korea also have *bullet trains*, but not sure run to Suwon....
September is autumn in korea, so you will enjoy the weather......

Hope you have a great time in Korea !!

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September in Korea

Cool!  Not literally, it'll still be warm.  You'll be approaching Chuseok, the national holiday when ancestors are revered, remembered, and mourned.  It's a very busy time of year.

My advice is to see as much of Korea as you can, air travel is pretty cheap but rail & bus are cheaper and easy to use.  Learn how to read & write Hangul, it's not difficult and learn to bow at the right point in time when speaking with people and you'll have no problem.

I'm jealous!

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I can't help myself but I have to say it......

Won't your arms get tired?

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Arms? Tired? Why?

Thanx guys, I want to see as much as I can. But I wonder what the exchange rate between Won and RMB now? Is the consupmtion standing a lot higher than China? I want to get a general idea of how much I actually need to live through 4-5 months in Korea, please estimate in RMB.

Are there any more places around Suwon I can visit? Do Korean people ski a lot in winter and what are the best places for skiing?

Is every place equiped with air-conditioner? Do I have to bring lots of winter clothes with me?

What about Hangul? I find the sounds strange to me, but I heard the characters(strokes) are quite easy to master. I will take up the Korean course in the university.

Any more advice is highly appreciate.


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I try to give you information as much as I can.......

* Most buildings/offices/shops have air-conditioners and many
individual homes also have air-conditioners.
* You can enjoy skiing at Daequalyoung which is located north side of
Gangwon province during winter which is in Nov, Dec and Jan.
* Sept and Oct is cool, very much fall weather....from Nov slowly getting you need some winter clothes....if you stay through Dec and Jan, you need take heavy winter clothes....It's very cold and sometimes snow also.......

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One more !

I recommend you to see this....

* Visit  *Nam San* (Nam mountain) in Seoul and you can see a view of Seoul from the top of mountain, if you can do this at night you can see a night view of Seoul which is a beautiful.....

* Visit  * Everland *  in  near Seoul...This is a 7th largest theme park in the world, this is a korean version of by Samsung Co....
It's very nice, clean and a beautiful......You will really enjoy this !

* Visit COEX complex in Seoul,  there you can see  "Kimchee Museum "
Yes, Korea has Kimchee can see the history of kimchee ...etc...and also you can taste some of kimchee if you want  

* Visit *MyungDong* and *Apgujungdong*....A lots of young Koreans
gather in this place especially on weekend.....

* Visit  *Kyungbokkung Palace*  and *Ducksu Palace*  
in Seoul. National Museum is in there.

* Finally  *Jeju Island *.....This is a beautiful island which is located south side of Pusan......need to fly ....

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