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Questions to ask English experts from Chinese learners (Round 25)   [Copy link] 中文

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You may call me elder sister. I don't belong here, I never did. It was great while it lasted, I ca ...

I don't have time for your drivel. Please, tend to your own knitting.

You're simply a nightmare. Stop stalking me; Stop pestering me. Don't make a spectacle of yourself any more, especially in this pinned thread dedicated to avid Chinese learners of English. Your posts here have nothing to do with the topic.  You intentionally want to ruin this thread as you get used to! Shame on you!

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I don't have time for your drivel. Please, tend to your own knitting.

You're simply a nightmare. ...


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Q2:  What are the differences among the following three words: number, data, and statistics?

#1 num ...

Imaginary numbers are complex. exp(i*pi) + 1 = 0 is Euler's Identity, and subtracting 1 from both sides yields exp(ipi) = -1. Squaring both sides gives exp(2ipi) = 1 so we can take the natural logarithm of both sides to obtain 2*i*pi = 0 where i = sqrt(-1) and pi = 0. Therefore, (a) 2 = 0, (b) i = 0, (c) pi = C/D = 0 else (d) mathematicians are lying, where C/D is the circumference divided by the diameter of a circle. However, real numbers are comparatively simpler having merely inspired the murder of Hippasus by the Pythagorean cult for letting people know sqrt(2) is not a fraction. The real numbers are formed of the rational fractions and irrational others, some of which are transcendental such as pi and the number e. The number e is important in population growth estimates since our population grows as exp(n) rather than as a normal logistic curve fitting into its ecosystem carry capacity. Today a student taught me reciprocals of proper fractions are called "false" in Chinese, however, a student who gets 100% on a math test and gets the bonus 5% correct thus has a score of 105% which is true rather than false. In English, reciprocals of proper fractions are called improper regardless of correctness, which is a misleading name that could confuse people. Inside the rational numbers are integers which are also called integrals, and of course, the positive integers are called the natural numbers. Ten of the most intuitively clear natural numbers can be discovered by almost anyone by counting to ten on ten fingers. However, mathematicians like debating whether zero is a natural number. Regardless of how much fun distraction that debate provides in mathematics classes, animals of many species are clear the cardinal number zero exists and is meaningful as well as natural, thus, people who want to count to nine on ten fingers can do so with ordinal zero in first place. The ordinal and cardinal numbers are distinguished for applications in computing science, accounting and set theory, and maybe linguists enjoy the subtle distinction, too. A number is also a vector since it, by being, is a direction and magnitude from the origin.

Data, in contrast with numbers, is information which is not necessarily numerical. For example, the most popular question that everyone wants to know is where I was born. I was born in Toronto that was in Canada and might soon be in America, however, I left Toronto before I was two years old. Thus, allowing the people to have all the requested data (birthplace) leaves the people uninformed about the real answer to their real question since the data was sought inappropriately. IE data = information which may be numerical however need not be.

Statistics report trends in the population. For example, in 2014, people consume 1.5 Earth's sustainable, renewable resources. Since 1970, populations of non-hominids has declined by 52%, whereas the people population doubled in the past 35 years and World War I and World war II made no visible drop in the global people population growth charts. At the people's present baby production and waste production rates, we have until 2020 to fit inside Earth's sustainable carry capacity consuming up to 0.3 of Earth's annual resource supply. Who was supposed to have told us this news by 1920 (data) are mathematicians who (a) know population grows exponentially (the number e) and (b) are professionally obliged to inform governments of the Earth's carry capacity so the informed governments can have a chance to lead the people safely. If 100% of the people obey governments' laws and if the governments agreed to replacement birthrates since 1920 then our present population would holding steady a little under 2 billion (statistics and probability).
Jennifer Han Zhenhao

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The English language is a Meta Language its always absorbing and changing

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Sometimes I don't answer because I don't know the answer to any of the questions, or it's already been answered.

Numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and any combination thereof.
Data is collected information, usually contains some number.
Statistics is analyzed data.

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You look like the proverbial ostrich bird bury your head in the sand.
You look like the proverbial  ...



The units of standard pinying writing in a sentence are on the basis of phrases instead of each character.

buyongxie, zaijian, Zhonghua RenMing Gongheguo, xiexie

(Please capitalise the first letter if the phrase is a sentence. i.e. Buyongxie! )
There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.-Victor Hugo

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