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China, white faces and expertise[1]- [Copy link] 中文

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If a Korean walks onto a stage and quotes Confucius: “Guó jiā xīng wáng pǐ fū yǒu zé” while giving a speech to a Chinese audience, it probably would be no big deal. But if a German addresses that same audience and just says: “Dà jiā hǎo”, once he finishes his presentation, everybody will congratulate him for his “great” Mandarin.

Many of us have experienced a situation like that. ...

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But those sour grapes and nations, the greedy & snaky whale hunters/ thieves and the wolf nation, look differently with extreme jealousy...

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China is a vast nations that host many talented people. The Chinese have proven its might and power to grow its economy over the last 10 years and expect to surpass US in next 5-10 years time. It is an amazing feat and it truly shown our success does not come easy.
For china to grow it does make sense to agree with writer that :-

1. Foreigners should not come to do in China what they are not qualified to do in their home countries or elsewhere.(China needs foreign talent that would have significant value & impact to be amongst the top economic league player. Therefore by scrutinizng these foreign talents to come over in China would be an equally key criteria rather than simply adding foreigners in China with assuming their core value could make significant impact)

2. Do not assume that white foreigners can perform better than Chinese people.

(We should assume it does not only apply to white foreigners but all foreign talent planning to make inroad to China. China growth has certainly opened the doors to many foreigners hoping that their experience and skillset honed in their homeland could add difference to the Chinese. Most foreigners entering China will soon realise that Chinese not only wish you to pass on skillsets they have yet to embrace, but would be mostly keen if these foreigners are able to work with them on equal terms and equal treatment. The successful foreigner are those who make every effort to blend into Chinese culture with appreciation rather than despising them. For foreigners whom carry high ego & pride in China, usually they soon realise they end up with nothing. )

3. Give top-level talent special treatment regardless of age, race or origin. I have heard many stories from foreigners working for Chinese companies that feel that their employers seem to assume that every foreigner - especially every white foreigner - is equally talented. These kinds of attitudes negatively affect work dynamics and make talented individuals, foreigners and locals alike, feel like running away from their work places.
(As said, it applies to all foreigners be it white, black etc.... The stigma is there and expectations are usually higher if you are labeled foreigner making a living in China)

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"But if people whose only “expertise” is speaking their native language are considered “experts”, we have a problem"

yet China is willing to allow anyone who can say a few words of English teach its youth English? nearly all teachers from China are not totally qualified for their job, and only do the job because they can't get a decent job elsewhere. While there should be more controls on the foreign teachers that are allowed to  teacher here, simply saying "if you're not a teacher in your own country we don't want you" is simply ridiculous. do you really think fully qualified teachers from the west will give up their jobs to teach in China for 5-6000 rmb a month? need to be more realistic

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Western nations has countless hordes of "losers back home" from China and other nations from all over the world.  We would never label them as such though.  But China,  you give some you take some.

It is such a stupid thinking though.  For some people the soil of your birth country is not fertile enough and may grow better in another environment. And that would a net benefit for everyone.

"1. Foreigners should not come to do in China what they are not qualified to do in their home countries or elsewhere."

it is an absurd notion that employers don't know what to look for in their employees.

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Losers, by definition, don't find ways to win. They tend to sit where they are and wait around for the world to change. If you've found success in life by moving abroad, then I'd say that makes you a winner.

Bear in mind that many expats felt like "losers" in their native countries because they simply didn't fit in there -- culturally or otherwise. They call China "home" because they can relate to Chinese people so much better. Some people were just born on the wrong side of the planet and found their place on the other side.

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I somewhat resent number 1."1. Foreigners should not come to do in China what they are not qualified to do in their home countries or elsewhere."

I can tell you now, I'm not qualified to teach at home, BUT I have a good brain, believe in working hard for my wage, so I busted my ass, and was generally known as one of the best teachers around. There were many people far more qualified than me who felt the job was "beneath" them, so would slack off, and just cash their paycheck.

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