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CD jargon FAQ: posting tip [Copy link] 中文

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As a newbie, I get confused by the unique CD lingos like "Ghost" and "Jackal". Who are they referring to and where did they come from? I bet newcomers who stumble onto this forum everyday will have the same question.

I am sure these terms all have interesting stories behind them. It's my sincere hope veteran forumites will kindly explain those jargon's origin and document their histry here, so newcomers can get an crash course in the unique CD culture, and come out an infromed member ready to actively contribute to forum discussions.

I titled the thread FAQ and I encourage all newcomers bring their questions here.

Let's leave no stone unturned. :)

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Here's my first salvo

1. who are the Ghosts and Jackals? what's the story behind them?

2. "US-educated female mods" appears from posts to posts. who are they?  how did you guys know? why stop there? are there any "US-educated young hot single female mods"? :)

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HE is watching you,

yes young grasshopper, seek <B>chairman</B> for all your  answers.
<B>chairman</B> knows all.
<B>chairman</B> is the creator of all Jackals and Ghosts.
Some say he is dead, but I tell you, keep lifting rocks in your search, he is living under one of them.

What's this vice-Jackal for <U>life</U> crap tsupasat? I was expecting a coup from you while Head Jackal was distracted with his new pup.

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thanks tsupasat for the long answer

that was very educational. looks like there were some bad blood spilled between the Ghosts and Jackals, I hope it was due to some heated moments and misunderstanding, nothing worth resenting or remembering about in the long run.

Also I don't believe any Jackal who cares about China enough to visit here physically or on the net is anti-China. Ghost or Jackal, I think most people just come here to relax and have fun, and to rant and vent. No need to take any argument seroiusly. Arguing on internet is like competing in special Olympics, even if you win, you are still  a retard.

that ought take the fun of any victory. Ha!  uck

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It's madness, some people are inventiong new meanings for words.  

Some proper fruitcakes in this forum.

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Now the party really started

Thanks D.H. for his thoughts, that's a great one! Now I hope some ghosts will come here post their side of the story, in good spirit of course, for the sake of clearing up air and setting the record straight.

Net debate can be intense, demanding, entertaining yet amicable, we can set an example here.

Let's rumble:)

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Should One approach foreigners on streets to practice english?

I already started a thread on this in the "Living" section, but it comes to my mind this is/will be a much asked and debated question. I might as well put it here in the FAQ.

I don't claim my viewponts to be authorative, and I encourage quality responses of different viewponts

Here's my take on the issue.

One should not approach random foreigners on streets for the sole purpose of learning english.  

Treat foreigners like treating any other chinese country fellow. Do you say hi to every chinese on the street? of course not.

Respect others privacy, just like you expect others to respect yours.

If you want to learn english, speak english, or practice english:
A) go to an english corner
B) take an english class
C) hire an private tutor
D) all of above

There is no free lunch. Don't try to take a free ride. The world doesn't work this way.

I never approached a foreigner uninvited, my english works fine for me.

Good luck

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