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Whats with the police? Another shooting in Ferguson, USA   [Copy link] 中文

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cestmoi Post time: 2014-9-5 12:01
Is your opinion an INFORMED opinion or is your opinion just biased opinion?

Have you even bother  ...
What do you base you opinions on?

I base my opinions on my own understanding of the subject and my judgement. I take responsibility for my opinions and decisions. i inform myself of the facts and circumstances before making an INFORMED opinion. If someone informs me of the opinion I should hold, it is not really an informed opinion!

I don't have to conduct a poll to find trends and popularity on issues before I come up with MY opinion - it wouldn't really be MY opinion if I did so, would it? I don't want to transfer the responsibility of owning ones opinions or decisions or statements. These are straightforward moral issues!!

My friend the Black Swan

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KIyer Post time: 2014-9-5 14:20
I base my opinions on my own understanding of the subject and my judgement. I take responsibility  ...

Cestmoi is a racist.  Don't mind him.  He wants you to be a racist like himself and join in with others in the US.  If you are chinese or indian, its 'OK' to hate blacks.  As long as you're not white.
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Another Prison Warder Shoots an Innocent Man in Thieved State of Amerika
- and yes, he's black too

Michael Brown was shot when the prison warders knew he wasn't armed and he also had his hands up. In the thieved state of Poodleville, where the prison warders have been condemned as "instituationally speciesist", they deliberately pursued and shot an unarmed black man travelling in a taxi. The prison warders shot "back" at Mark Duggan after one of their own shot a jacketed round (so that the barrel of the gun couldn't be identified) at them. Like the Waco massacre, the prison warders were trying to justify their existence under threat of looming budget cuts. During the Ferguson riots, another prison warder is shown brandishing a gun and threatening the protestors and TV cameramen, saying, "I'm going to f***ing kill you". The thieved state of Kanada now tells its tourists visiting the thieved state of Amerika not to carry cash as the prison warders in the thieved state of Amerika will confiscate it as contraband under the fraudulent War on Drugs.

Shocking video footage has emerged of the moment a US patrol officer asked to see a man’s driving licence and then shot him as he reached inside his car to get it.
. . .
In a case described as “disturbing” by South Carolina police, state trooper Sean Groubert, 31, pulled driver Levar Edward Jones over at a petrol station in Colombia for allegedly not wearing his seatbelt while driving.
. . .
When the 35-year-old reaches into his car to fetch it, Groubert suddenly shouts: "Get out of the car!” and then “get on the ground!” while firing four shots at him. At least one of the bullets hit Mr Jones in the hip, leaving him requiring hospital treatment.

Mr Jones falls to the floor, telling the officer he has been hit and cannot feel his leg.

"Sir, why was I shot? All I did was reach for my licence. I'm coming from work" the bewildered man can be heard saying.

- 'Disturbing' footage shows US officer asking to see man's driving licence and then shooting him as he tries to fetch it

Firstly, note that Levar Edward Jones was already out of his car, getting gas. The prison warder pulls up to him as he's just got out and asks for his license. He doesn't address him as "sir" but does say "please" and seeming to mention the alleged seat belt violation as an off-handed excuse.

Jones claims he undid his seat belt because he was getting out of his car. Even if he wasn't wearing his seat belt and had got out of his truck to fill it, the very most the prison warder should have done is have a word with the driver. There's little reason to ask for his license.

Thirdly, Groubert's behaviour is clearly way out of order. Jones had no choice but to reach into his car to get his driving license, which he is required to show because he is driving a car which is potentially dangerous and he had been ordered to do so by the prison warder. But when he complies he is shot in much the same way that Russia has negotiated a peace agreement in Ukraine and been rewarded with increased sanctions.

After he's shot, the prison warder repeatedly tells him to get his hands behind his back even as he's lying on the floor injured.

Fourthly, Jones makes the mistake of addressing the prison warder as "sir", when it should be the prison warder showing deference. Instead, given the subsequent actions of the prison warder, he was clearly hostile to the prisoner. It's understandable considering the thug is carrying a gun and uses it with zero provocation.
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gork Post time: 2014-9-26 17:08
Another Prison Warder Shoots an Innocent Man in Thieved State of Amerika
- and yes, he's black too

i saw that yesterday and posted it to my facebook.   Good news on this on is the officer is already being charged with 'armed aggravated assault' instead of going on paid leave.

What is wrong with your version, is he was no orison warden, but a state highway patrol officer.  Not sure where you get prison warden from.  A prison warden cannot stop anyone on the street.  They are not police officers and only have any authority in their own prison.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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