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CHUANG TZU'S BUTTERFLY- -a conundrum [Copy link] 中文

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TO MARKY79, the Wizard of id

The question of what everybody else  is dreaming or not dreaming

clouds the issue.  If we can't ascertain  for sure whether we ourselves are   dreaming or not dreaming,  what basis is there for  making that determination  about others?

    ps  the id is by definition subconscious.  The term  "libido" is related to it  and might be worth a look if you are not already familiar with it.

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To: Katodio - Re: tse-tung

How about:

I think you are; therfore you are
Since you are am I not?

In between.............. falls the shadow (T.S. Eliot)

Many before us have found themselves in the Twighlight Zone; Buddha and Lao Tse tried to harmonize our position as spectators and actors in the great drama of existence.

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Farewell fellow lepidopterists (except EDON)

It looks to me as if we have  reached the point of diminishing returns here (one can also say 'we're getting nowhere fast').

     Some parting thoughts:  Consciousness exists.  One is now cconscious, or one will be upon awakening.  But what is the nature of consciousness?  Is it a thing?  Does it have a biological basis.  Is it a gift of God?  Are animals conscious, including those whose brains are more developed than our own (the dolphins)?

      This is the only great unanswered question in modern biology, and it looks like it will stay that way for quite some time.

    Edon refers to 2/3 of the ancient triad whose thoughts form the basis of the Chinese religion, Confucius being the third.  I'll respond here to his grandiloquence when time permits

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The great chain of being

As I see it both Budha  and Lao Tzu tried  to bridge  the gulf- -or eliminate the dividing line- -between the self and the cosmos, but their methods are diametrically opposed.  Buddhae cousels vigorous personal offort and carefully prescribed lines, while Lap Tzus ' way is to stop trying and let things just happen,  the way water on the mountainside reaches the sea by allowing the land to take it where it will, but always downward.

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I think why I am, therefore I think.

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"therefore I pray" perhaps?

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cogito ergo sum

does not mean "I think therefore I am". That was just the translation for people who were never going to get it anywat.

Cogito - to cognate or percieve
ergo - therefore - follows on from
sum - all, everything

perception is all

And that Chang Tzu? Man, was he one weird butterfly

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