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Deceitful and sly e-mails you have got   [Copy link] 中文

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We may receivejunk emails and messages every day. Apart from sale ads, there are a large partof stories that are made up with various reasons among the information in orderto get you cheated.

I had ever received such a long email in English,which fromone of my foreign friends who has frequent contacts with me. He said in theletter that he had arrived in Guangzhou.Unfortunately, the luggage had been stolen. As a result, the passport and moneyalso ran away. He asked me what he should do because he was unfamiliar with China.I replied him immediately. I told him whom he should look for and how to callthe police. He also gave me a reply to say “thank you” and so on. At last, heasked me indirectlyif I could send some money to him. It was until now that I had a glimmer ofvigilance. But I still asked his bank card numbers. To my surprise, just asecond he gave me the account which belonged to the Industrial and Commercial Bankof China.The speed of   feedback made me more skeptical.So I called another friend who knows the foreign friend. And I got theinformation that the foreign friend doesn’t come to China. So I sent an E-mail to that"friend" to ask him the place we met at the first time. As a result, I didn’t receive any reply. What a risk! Afterwards, I knew that my friend's mailboxwas hacked. Hackers used his emails’ records with his friends to send all kindsof messages to defraud. Fortunately, no one bit the bail. There are plenty of similartricks like this.

     Well, we also often heard from some nobles’ or widows’ emailsto invite us to share the expensive heritages, lotteries or something from Africantribes. I have no idea whether you had ever met a similar experience or heardabout the story about cheating like this.

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Yes I have ever received an email saying that I can share some heritages, but I didn't believe it

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Happened to me as well when a South African Client of mine's account got hacked. Stranded in Spain also with the urgent need for Money. Before I answered I called his number in RSA and he was all well feeding his fish and taking care of his family.

You all better take care and double check on such inquiries! There are really a lot of "A**holes" out there thinking all day long how to fill their pockets with your money.

Sadly also a lot of goodhearted persons out there got, are and will be scr ewed as time comes!
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I used to get a message on my phone asking me to deposit 50,000 rmb in to this bank account. I got my friend to reply that I will pass this message to the police..
I never got anymore messages
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yes,I ever received a letter from a  girl in Africa. At the first time she sent me a photo of her, and said her grandfather was a officer who was killed by betrayer.Then the next letter she said her grandpa left her a huge heritage and she wanted to share with me. She told me she needed some money to contact the bank where her grandpa deposited money in, she asked me if I gave some money to her or not.Later I checked that messages she sent to me on the website, many same messages on BaiDu. So I thought she definitely was an imposter. I didn't reach her any more, but I wonder how she got my E-mail.

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Over the years I've had so many.  I reckon I've won about 10 trillion USD on lotteries and prizes in competitions I've never entered and billions in stashed money in Africa with various dodgy government officials offering helpers fees to get the money out of the country.  I've had fake lottery wins, been left money by widows, offers to help smuggle money, gold, diamonds and percious minerals out of Africa and elsewhere, won cars, shopping spree's had demands I pay additional tax, debt collectors and dozens of other creative ones. Of course there's the stock investment ramping, hot sale of the week, Krapola Inc junk shares just 1.5 cents each in job lots of a billion, guaranteed to rise 10000000000000% in the next month, yeah right.

My personal favourites are phishing emails, where your alleged retailer or bank asks you to input your password and account details in to their page for a security check.  I never knew that my bank had it's web server located at www .  I always thought it was a secure server here in Australia.  Oh they never learn do they?

I don't know how many so called "women" have offered me their hearts from Ghana, Nigeria and other scam ridden holes around the world.  The best quality scams are on chat clients, I've had some howlers on Yahoo Messenger and QQ over the years.  

The sad part and I mean really sad part is that people actually fall for this crud on a regular basis.

Greed really is easy to pander to.
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I recieved email of someone claiming to be Gadahfi's close general/servant,with a lot of money. Said he wants to find someone who can trust to invest the money. And me of course,asked him to directly send money to my account,otherwise he should fock off. Never recieved money though. Nor did I ever hear from him again.
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