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Questions to ask English experts from Chinese learners (Round 9) [Copy link] 中文

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Thank every member who answered readers' questions from last time. Chinese English learners from Wechat are very happy to recieve your replies. Here are more questions from them:

1 How many ways do you know that people watching World Cup games on spot cheer for their favorite teams? Share us some oral expressions.

2 In Chinese universities, students address their seniors respectfully. They call boys of higher grades "xuezhang" and girls of higher grades "xuejie". Boys of the lower grades are "xuedi", and girls of lower grades "xuemei". So, do these words have any counterparts in English? How should they be addressed in your country?

3 What's the difference between "expert", "specialist", "professional", and "proficient", in meaning and usage?

4 How do Western people see powerful women? Chinese men tend to like women who are gentle and understanding, but in the US TV shows, women who are intelligent and powerful are more popular. So, in your culture, is it true that men are more intrigued by the powerful women?

5 June is the month that millions of Chinese university graduates leave school. In your country, college students have what kind of activities and celebrations when they are about to leave the campus?

The previous rounds:

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the world cup is nations play against each other not like if they're play against each other leagues, and therefore it is very patriotic (play to WIN) but of course the china is not participatin the atmosphere & attitude is totally not the same as in the west  
a man who uses his hands is a laborer. one who uses his hands and his mind is a craftsman. but he who uses his hands, his mind, and his heart, is an artist...

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1. I have no clue. Football (soccer as we call it in order to distinguish it from American football) isn't nearly as popular in the U.S. as it is in most other countries.

2. In the USA, there is a hierarchy of the last 4 years of high school and the 4 years of an undergraduate college/university student. First year in college an undergraduate is known as a freshman. Second year, sophomore. Third year, Junior. Last year, Senior. After undergraduate, you become what we call a 'graduate student.' Then there is 'postgraduate' which includes graduate students and those pursuing a doctorate level degree.

3. 'Expert' would be a person who has most often mastered a given subject academically. These are people who stand out from the general public in their knowledge about the subject or field. 'Specialist' has a similar meaning and denotes one who has focused on a specific field of study or expertise. 'Professional' usually means you get paid to perform whatever field you are in. You are not an amateur. 'Proficient' means one who has experience and skill to perform the targeted task.

4. As a Western man, I can only speak for myself. I see powerful women as very attractive if the woman has also become mature in her psychological and social development. A woman who is obviously attempting to be equal to her male counterparts is not attractive. They usually act too masculine to be attractive. There is (in my mind) authentic power and false or presumed power. You can know and feel the difference in her presence. But if she has matured in wisdom along with other accomplishments, I think she can and will be very attractive.

5. They often have a senior trip. They will have a short holiday to possibly a resort with their peers. They also have graduation parties and dinners.

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I disagree with the definition which MichealM had provided and I feel as if the difference between "expert", "specialist", "professional", and "proficient" should be specified more clearly. An "Expert" is a person within a field who has exceptional training and has been working inside of a field for an exceptional amount of time. "Specialist" is a term which refers to a person who has exceptional training in a certain subject of a larger category. An example of a "Specialist" would be a contractor who does construction work but is a specialist in installation of cabinetry. "Professional" would be a person who has exceptional work based experience from using their expertise in that subject to find work. Lastly "Proficient" is a person who has enough general knowledge to preform an assigned task.
A respectful and well mannered man from the West.

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