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  • M actually going through the horror of spring cleaning but when its done, I would feel so happy and would be looking forward to welcoming the year of the horse . Reply
  • Waiting to welcome 2014 with anticipation and joy and gratefulness for still being around and being thankful for my blessings. Reply
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Tuanyuanfan 2014-02-01
For the older generation at home, weeks will be spent spring cleaning and making all the other arrangements and preparations to welcome the younger ...
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Dave 2014-01-15
I met Dave when he was still in his mothers womb. I had been going to this NGO centre where I met his mum, a frail drug dependant, 6 months ...
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Where have all the fun gone??? 2014-01-03
As a kid, I remembered havings loads of cousins from my various aunties and uncles and school holidays and any other festivals was a time to rejoice. ...
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Merry Christmas. 2013-12-24
Merry Christmas to all our Christian members of the forum. The world over is celebrating Christmas on the 25th December. For people in some parts ...
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Karma or Samsara? 2013-12-06
As we get older, we cannot help but wonder what life is all about. Sometimes, I tend to belief very much in the fact that everybody who comes into yo ...
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Awesome Mother Nature 2013-12-02
Travelling is in my blood and I derive the greatest pleasure from travelling alone. IT keeps me on my toes and I learnt alot about other cultures.&nb ...
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alicebrooke 2014-6-4 16:37:32
Thank you, wingless, for your reply to my recent multiple recipients message. A more detailed reply may follow soon...
KIyer 2014-1-22 17:29:50
thanks for your comment on my blog!
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