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Graduation 2015-05-31
        Just a few days I watched some students I had taught three years ago graduate. We had become friends in that time , a ...
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我爱的周璇 The Zhou Xuan I love 2015-05-31
      I have loved the 1930s singing star of the silver screen, Zhou Xuan's bird like warbling voice for so ...
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We want to live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery. 我们要幸 ... 2015-05-30
查理卓别林:“大独裁者” 最后的 speech As a teacher of English at NUST in Nanjing , I like to gather together  a lot of my ow ...
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Enduring Love 2015-05-01
Click this link to hear the Song Dynasty poem 钗头凤  set to music I first came a ...
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时光带不走的东西 The things that never fade with time 2015-04-24
我们人生路又一年了,总是感觉时间太匆匆,在新的一年想祝大家身体健康,生活快乐!能健康就能做一切呢,我的格格但愿身体能好一点,一切都能顺利。这新的马 ...
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Chronos and Kairos 2015-04-24
女儿写的歌词里面曾经提过Chronos 与 Kairos , 她是个很怪的小可爱,外表像个小孩,爱小孩的玩具,爱光的颜色,对曾经接触过的东西产生依依不舍的感情,五岁的 ...
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