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  • My problem is simple: I just know better than everyone-else! Reply
  • Without World Government we are DOOMED. Reply
  • I am fed-up with racism, nationalism - all divisions between humans. Without scientific rationalism and world government humanity is doomed. Reply
  • Now that I've advertised my recantation from "Western Superiority" for a few weeks, I'll go back to John Lennon's "IMAGINE" which describes my one world, one humanity, anti-nationalist beliefs. ... Reply
  • Real NameTed Jenkins
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  • Birthday1942 Year 11 Month 23 Day
  • BirthplaceCanada Ontario Toronto
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  • Graduate schoolU of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine
  • EducationSpecialist
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  • ProfessionMD Psychiatrist
  • Positionretired
  • Making friends purposelearn, joke, argue
  • HomeOttawa, Canada
  • hobbypolitics, economics, history, war-gaming

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I am a Canadian, an ally of the USA, a liberal supporter of a progressive capitalism, and proud of our "Western traditions". I feel badly about the m ...
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UNITED STATES ELECTION Nov 8, 2016. 2016-07-24
ON TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2016 THE AMERICANS will elect a President, all members of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. 1/3 of the SENATORS and many state GOV ...
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momolove 2018-10-15 08:00:32
Nice to meet you
Ted180 2017-3-15 21:33:50
seneca 2017-3-14 21:51:06
Ted180: You may be right. So sad. I'm 74 and in bad health. I'll not live to see what happens to China and humanity. I'm just an old idealist. Very liberal an ...
You do not seem to be afraid of the end of a man's journey on Earth... You will no doubt be missed, Ted. I feel you are energetic. And idealistic. Both are in short supply these days. Stay tuned!

seneca 2017-3-13 09:38:33
Ted180 : My posts reflect my historical expectations that China will westernize and modernize much like Japan did in a gradual non-revolutionary way. That the  ... Those are noble wishes, Ted, but they are not going to materialise. I am not sure Taiwan should be put under Chinese rule. It is yet another territory stolen and looted by Chinese invaders. But yes, if they want to, there should be no outside opposition. But the C.P.C. are not going to democratise. It is not i ... ...
Ted180 2016-4-1 11:02:55
Pastor237. Who is he really? Does he work for China Daily? Is he a Californian? He is indeed in another world - and it is not really a Marxist world. I had a dear friend who (tried to be) a Marxist. Quite learned, but an alcoholic.Very small, unattractive to women. Bursting with rage at men who could get laid anytime they wanted. Big, blond American men represented these rivals he  hated and wished to destroy. Really got some Marxist ideology wrong. But I loved him (like a brother). He ... ...
seneca 2016-4-1 10:13:57
Ted180 : Having fun now with new blogger YiJiun. Unlike TedM below I understand how much abuse (both giving and taking) can be enjoyable when it's just "w ... I wish we could inject more value in these threads but with posters who argue from a point of imagined strength and bolstered by nothing more solid than a tattered red Mao Bible you can not hold a rational discussion. To begin with, we never know who our opposite numbers are: are they editors masquerading as "posters"? Or are they ... ...
Ted180 2015-3-14 01:53:24
I've noticed some problems with the site lately. Thanks.  
KIyer 2015-3-13 17:15:20
Ted180 : Again, thanks for broadening my mind. Upon reflection I can see that my rather "collectivist" family values have always led me to be critica ... That is a fair call, Ted. I admire you for defending your cultural values from unfair or sweeping condemnation. I do the same myself. So, I can understand you. Warm regards, my friend! I am not able to post a message on your board. The net is acting very weird... so I am trying to send you the PM. Thanks for your message. ... ...
KIyer 2015-3-13 17:11:46
That is a fair call, Ted. I admire you for defending your cultural values from unfair or sweeping condemnation. I do the same myself. So, I can understand you. Warm regards, my friend!
lau_guan_kim 2014-2-16 23:03:00
Ted180: Congratulations on an excellent thread. Your account of the Singapore battle and the later fate of Yamashita are good reading. I tend to believe Yamas ...
I think something wrong. Your message is "validation failed."
KIyer 2014-1-22 08:12:07
Ted, thanks for your comment on my blog! warm regards,
JFenix 2014-1-16 07:02:53
Ted180 : Let me try to explain. I think the only thing that guarantees the survival of freedom is free speech. Now there must be some limitations on it (nation ... I agree with you about freedom of speech, but I can't agree that in the workplace or public schools whether primary or secondary, there should not be standards of behavior.  We live in a civilized society and when we are talking about structural institutions, there has to be limits.  And what I mean by structur ... ...
JFenix 2014-1-16 06:10:23
Ted180 : I am surprised to find us fighting rather bitterly about freedom of expression. Please do not think this means I don't like and respect you. It's just ... Always.  I don't consider debating points 'fighting'.  You'll know if I am fighting you...:) But no, I respect you deeply as well.  Would like you to respond on the thread so we can debate the issue.   I read an article where someone suggested having a 'heirarchy' of human rights f ... ...
anitahooo 2013-11-28 09:12:55
Ted180: There are some boys who love girls on this site. I'm sure they will contact you. Your prose is like poetry. I admire your literary talent! And I feel  ...
correction 2013-11-12 13:11:36
Ted180 : You are saying the Cultural Revolution was a (smart?) move by Mao to divert attention from the development of nuclear weapons. Are you a Maoist and wi ... CR was neither smart nor stupid, just political situations at that time might have compelled Chinese leaders to resort to such extreme measures that they thought could save the country from foreign invasion. I'm neutral on that issue, but just my personal observations on events during that time, that I concluded it was a deception ... ...
KIyer 2013-9-30 08:56:43
Ted180 : Your blog on capitalism and socialism is excellent. Despite some lapses into the old personal insults, your calming influence has enabled some intelli ... Thank you Ted. I appreciate your note. You have also been supportive in the tone and calmness of your responses. You are calmer and nicer than I am. Glad that you enjoyed and participated. I want to encourage more newbies and learners to these forums. CD does provide an excellent platform for anyone around the world. otherwise, ... ...
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