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Steven0521 2014-4-29 09:31:39
LILI丽丽 2012-9-23 11:12:36
Hmoonhistorian 2012-1-31 11:45:08
Good night over here.
xiaodi0325 2012-1-31 10:34:38
Good morning. I dropped around.  
Hmoonhistorian 2012-1-30 08:33:29
Me too. How do you say, I love Chinese people in Chinese?
xiaodi0325 2012-1-30 07:55:41
Hmoonhistorian: great!, You can teach me Chinese while I teach you English. And Thanks for the friend invite. I will treasure you as a friend.
It's my pleasure. Good morning, Sir.    I promise that I'll be a good student.
xiaodi0325 2012-1-29 10:38:54
Your avatar is special.
Ronny 2012-1-25 00:05:14
Hmoonhistorian: I need to learn Chinese. I took a semester of Chinese but it was along time ago. What did you just said?
i said you are welcome ( no need to thank. bu yong xie/ and/ thank you. xie xie ni)
Ronny 2012-1-24 23:38:54
Hmoonhistorian: Thanks for accepting my friend invitation. You are treasure to have as a friend.
不用谢, 谢谢你
wowzers 2012-1-24 21:12:47
That feeling is mutual.
constellation 2012-1-19 12:20:49
thanks for adding me be your good friend, I support your views on the title as "US prepares the war against china -january 12"
wowzers 2012-1-16 20:56:57
Really? Thought you were a recent immigrant from your English level. I guess you must have dropped out of school. That's okay, some do succeed but they are rare. Good luck!
RavindraSk 2012-1-16 05:34:41
Hmoonhistorian: Hi, thanks for accepting my friendship and thanks for sharing those photos with us. Have a good day and see you around on the forum.
My pleasure, conversing with you.  Thanks.
wowzers 2012-1-16 01:06:12
Thanks for the add. How long have you lived in the states?
Hmoonhistorian 2012-1-7 06:34:27
Anyone who think my information is wrong please let me know. I practice Mao's ideology if self diwiscipline, and I correct myself or explain myself.
Hmoonhistorian 2012-1-7 06:26:46
Sorry to here that scrotymcbugerba. I tackle tough issue and I completely uunderstand your decision. Best wishes for you and see you around
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