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Good bye, June. Hello, July 2014-06-28
Well, finally, I came home the day before yesterday. The summer break is finally coming. I am so excited that I feel everything is new in my city, ev ...
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The Graduation Season 2014-06-23
The air is filled with the smell of missing and good-bye. Yes, the graduation season is coming, graduates are leaving, us, is going to be the sophomo ...
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College English Text - 4 2014-06-13
OMG, I will have a text tomorrow, CET4! I am a little bit nervous, because as a student for English major, there is no excuse not to pass the te ...
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You Are Awesome 2014-06-06
Today means lot  to me, not only tomorrow is the day of Gaokao, but also is the ceremony of our youth. Soon, I am about to finish my first year ...
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This time last year 2014-05-29
I clearly remember that this time last year what I was doing, preparing the  ...
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New Envionment New Life 2014-05-27
Yesterday, I finally settled down. Facing the new environment I felt fresh but a little bit sad. I have a very good new roommates, the new place is n ...
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