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What do you think of the challenges facing Chinese students trying to get visa?

Chinese students have met obstacles when applying for visas to the U.S. amid recent trade tensions, what do you think of the challenges facing Chinese students trying to get visas to the US?

Xinjiang creates 350,000 jobs in H1

River quality improves in Shenzhen

Chinese-made train arrives in E. Cuba

China expected to send man to moon by 2035

Japanese voters cast ballots in upper house election

Japanese voters cast ballots on Sunday in an upper house election, with Shinzo Abe's ruling bloc looking to protect its majority.


Killer of Chinese scholar will serve life in prison

A federal judge on Thursday sentenced Brendt Christensen, a former University of ...


33 die in fire set at Kyoto animation studio

TOKYO-A Japanese fire official says the death toll from the Kyoto Animation st ...


Chinese researchers design smart energy harvester on human knee

Chinese researchers have developed a device that can harvest energy from its wearer's knee and generate 1.6 microwatts of power while the wearer walks at a normal speed without any increase in effort.


The Palace Museum introduces digital products to add value to relics

The Palace Museum introduced seven digital products providing contents from high-definition images of cultural relics to panoramic views of the museum in virtual reality mode at a press conference on Tuesday.c


Aussie TV show about Xinjiang ‘deplorable'

An episode of Four Corner of the Australian TV on Monday said China was operating the world's largest prison in Xinjiang by detaining a million citizens while monitoring the rest in their homes. ...


Chengdu police detain foreign man who beat taxi driver badly

A Serbian man who beat up a taxi driver in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, has been detained in accordance with the law, local police said on Tuesday. ...


Foreign teacher rules tighten amid scandals

Multiple central government departments, including the Ministry of Education (MOE), are demanding all online education agencies in China to employ only foreign staff who meets the requirements of the country's relevant laws and regulations.


Chinese parents rethink sending their kids on US study tours

Like many parents in China, Huang Zhiling, a 37-year-old mother, is considering overseas study tours for her 5-year-old daughter. Her previous plan was a trip to the US but she is now hesitant due to the current situation.


Teen pees in elevator causing sparks to fly

A boy may have reached a new repugnant low by urinating in elevator and causing the lift's control panel to short circuit, spewing a shower of sparks that frightened a building resident.


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