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HK affairs is not a human right issue

Canadian politicians raised HK affairs to a human right issue, but ignored the fact that HK belongs to China. Isn't it?

Panda twins born to wild

Excavation of ancient caves in SW China

Some HK journalists should feel ashamed

Project restores China's longest inland river

U.S. stocks plunge amid concerns over trade tentions

U.S. stocks closed sharply lower on Friday after China announced its countermeasures against U.S. tariffs.


Women writers sweep 2019 Hugo Awards

The recently wrapped-up 2019 Hugo Awards witnessed a victory for female creativity as women writers nabbed almost all the important prizes.


Digital era turns new page in reading habits in China

With only about 20 percent of its population able to read in the 1940s, China has come a long way in achieving a literacy rate of more than 96 percent.


Beijing International Radio, TV and Film Exhibition focus on innovation

The 28th Beijing International Radio, TV and Film Exhibition (BIRTV) runs through August 24. Regarded as a "must-attend industry exhibition in Asia," BIRTV is held at the China International Convention Center this year.


Tariffs on China raise the risk of US recession

Ten-year bond yields for U.S. Treasury notes fell below those for two-year notes for the first time since 2007, and 30-year bond yields plunged to a record low last Wednesday, this has been widely interpreted as a sign that the world's biggest economy is heading for a recession.


Fanquan girl turns from boy bands to China's defense

Snow, a 30-year-old white collar in Shanghai, opens her Facebook and Twitter in her leisure time as usual, but as a fanquan girl (female fans who promote their celebrity idols in the online world) who used to just wave her glow stick for Japanese or Korean pop star idols, she is checking posts and comments about the Hong Kong situation.


'Made in China' embraces improved quality, expanded market

No one predicted that China-made products, represented by Huawei smartphones, L ...


Mobile devices stealing away childhoods, study finds

Children in rural areas spend more time gazing at handset and computer screens ...


China warns U.S. to stop meddling in HK affairs

The Office of the Commissioner of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) on Tuesday expressed indignation and opposition against some U.S. officials


China's vanishing summer breaks

“Many parents signed up for summer classes two months ago, and the enrollments of fall classes are starting now,” said a staff member of a training center in Beijing.


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