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Report voice_cd 2016-10-10 09:45
Hi Riz~are you interested in writing articles about interesting things happened during your  English teaching work in China? We would like to publish it via our wechat platform and website. Plz contact me via Email: Longjing for your reply!
Report teamkrejados 2014-8-14 08:21
Riz: I feel loved by reading your letter. I called you Doctor because I saw that on your profile. You're so full of passion and you emit that. I can receiv ...
Dear Riz, thank you for pointing out my mistake. I have no idea how 'dr' showed up on my profile. As soon as you said so, I changed it to a less lofty title  
I'm very glad to hear back from you, and excited that you seem to like your new position, if only because it affords you a way to live. I too have been  in desperate circumstances - in the past, wondering how to buy food or school supplies for my children. I admire you, my friend. Instead of caving in to circumstances, you are clawing your way out of desperation. There are those who would not work so hard... who would just accept their life condition.
Honestly, my dear: I believe higher education has its limits. There is only so much one can learn in the classroom. The best teacher is life.
Tell me please: how did your Eid celebration go? I remember it was a difficult time for you because of finances, but surely your kind friends treated you well?
Currently I am traveling around, enjoying new places and my time off. School will start soon enough, and then I'll be back in class. I'm looking forward to it: I have all sorts of neat ideas to torture my students with   .
Please tell me more about your job: do you have materials to teach with? How old are your students? How many? Are they happy to have you as a teacher? Most importantly: is it fun?
I send you my best wishes for a great day. I too hope we can meet someday and enjoy long conversation. Thankfully, we have technology as a bridge. Until the next time, dear friend, I say farewell.
Report teamkrejados 2014-8-9 08:09
Dear friend, I am on the edge of my seat with excitement about your new job. How is it? Do you like it? Thinking of you and sending you my best...
Report 点滴 2013-1-22 11:02
Though I  am a Chinese, I have never gone to Xinjiang. I admire you very much, for you have the courage to face the heavy weather and go abroad to realize dream and  ambition.    I hope I could be brave enough like you to follow my dream which I have hidden in my heart.
Report alicebrooke 2013-1-12 18:43
Amazing! You live in Xinjiang. I have always looked at the world, and this region seems to hold a mystery, being centrally placed in the great land mass of Eurasia. Deserts and extremes of temperature. Some political instability with Muslims dominant in number, but Han Chinese moving in continually, a cause of friction in borderlands. Turkestan.

I am a teachers' trainer. I write articles about English teaching and learning.

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    Sex is an activity that alleviates stress. When climax is achieved, the body releases a plethora of both physically-enhancing and mood-elevating hormones, defeating stress.

    For males, available sex partners are often hard to find. Though not as fulfilling as the human touch of another, porn provides an alternative stress-mitigator to sex.

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