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Share Fear Sucks!
2016-10-7 12:41
Fear Sucks!
Are you chained to the past? If so, that chain exists only in your mind. You can remember and reflect on the past without being defined and limited by it. Our past can only serve as mentor, something that we can learn from and proceed with the present and create the future by not repeating the same mistakes that we had done in the past. It’s gone, and it’s over. Events and past scenarios can haunt you only when you allow them. Another down side of living in the past is that it ...
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Share Ready to meet your New Self?
2016-10-6 22:04
Ready to meet your New Self?
All of us have a few areas in our personality which we wish to improve, some habits that we desire to adopt, and there are a few we want to quit, in order become the best version of our self. Many of us believe that we’re born with fixed personality traits which can’t be altered. But if we look at our life more carefully and travel back into the past decade or two, we’ll notice that our personality has changed over the years unknowingly. It’s a natural phenomenon that we evolve with ...
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Share Skin Hunger
2016-10-6 13:39
Skin Hunger
How often do you find yourself feeling lonely, craving more affection than you get? Perhaps you desire to attract a bit more love from your partner in a demonstrative way, more expressive than it usually is. Or maybe you’ve tried your best to receive more of intimacy, mental and physical but you failed. Such situations enhance feelings of deprivation at soulular level which can further affect the other aspects of life, for example your work, friendship, finances, passion because ...
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Share My China Story.
2016-10-6 02:13
My China Story.
‘ My China Story’ begins from the time when I had decided to leave China back in 2013 for good. I had lived in China for over nine years as a Foreign Expert and I had my share of learning and teaching. So I thought it would be great if I move back to my hometown, take up a teaching position at some English school and share my experience and knowledge with the students there. Further, I missed my family and the people back home. Having acquired an international teaching ...
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Share On Love-A Piece of Advice please!
2016-10-1 17:19
On Love-A Piece of Advice please!
All too often in life, people fall in love blindly. They refuse to make note of how of the actions of another person define them. They pay too much attention to words and way too little to actions. When you fall in love make it for all the right reasons. Don’t ignore the signs. Don’t ignore the glitches. Pay attention and your reward will, more often than not, be true love with aperson you can trust. Ignoretheir actions and you do so at your ow ...
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Share Pornography- A clear and present menace.
2016-9-29 23:49
Pornography- A clear and present menace.
I've been thinking about writing on the subject of pornography and its negative effects on human brain and body,as well as how it affects the personality and thoughts of a porn- addict, but I was kind of shy because this subject is not as openly talked about in general. But today, I managed to gather the confidence to share my input which basically comes from my personal experience and of course I did some research on the topic by meeting people and asking them certain que ...
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Share A Friendship Story.
2014-10-15 20:16
I named him 'Laaji', that means Rubbish in Chinese Language. Laaji was a street dog who lived underneath my living building a long time ago. I used to treat him with sausages every time I saw him around. He would always come after me and followed me to the store where, as he had known, I would pick up a sausage or two for him. He would sit outside the store watching me buying stuff and waited for me until I came out to feed him with his favorite treat, a sausage. Laaji was a just an ordina ...
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Share Romancing with the nature.
2014-7-17 16:09
I am an explorer. I am also super-romantic. I still have those childhood habits to find the things of my interest and enjoy them secretly. My romance lies at many places. It's 'mon-soon' season in my home town. The dark clouds emerge from the distant horizon and cover the sky every other day. I feel that deep-rooted passion to go out in the woods, not far from where I live. My luggage includes water bottle, my voice recorder, camera, and the food for my friends. I have friends in the woods who I ...
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Share China, I miss you!
2014-7-13 18:39
I landed in Beijing on 1st April 2004. I had little cash but big dreams. I had a keen desire to explore and improve myself. The fire that burnt inside my soul infused me with an immense amount of energy and courage to face the world. China. I chose to work and live there because It's the biggest market for English teachers. I am from Pakistan, a country where people make fun of other people who speak and practice English. I was discouraged, laughed at and jeered at.I was paid a meager amount tha ...
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Share A walk with a stranger in a foggy night.
2014-7-12 16:55
I was sipping on my coffee, inhaling the aroma of fast food at Mcdonal's in Chaoyang area in Beijing. I was involved so deep in 'The Innocent man' , a non-fiction by John Grisham. It was a foggy night that blurred the see-through glass walls of the restaurant. That was my personal-space in Beijing. Being stranger in that city, I enjoyed the freedom of ' go anywhere, anytime'. I got up to get a coffee refill. There were a few customer at that hour. ' Can We talk for sometime?' I saw a reasonably ...
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I am a teachers' trainer. I write articles about English teaching and learning.

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  • An Attitude of Gratitude. 2019-2-28 16:55

    So true! The happiest people are happy with what they have. I think a sign of happiness is the question, "What can we do together?" since it usually happens after the basic needs are handled and there is no striving, no emergency... only time to convert into something good. Thanks for your blog - it's nice to read.

  • Pornography- A clear and present menace. 2017-2-10 10:01

    Porn may be harmful to some but for many, it's very healthy.

    Stress is a constant of the human condition. It causes the body to secret hormones that are detrimental to the physical and mental health of human beings.

    Sex is an activity that alleviates stress. When climax is achieved, the body releases a plethora of both physically-enhancing and mood-elevating hormones, defeating stress.

    For males, available sex partners are often hard to find. Though not as fulfilling as the human touch of another, porn provides an alternative stress-mitigator to sex.

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