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CNN not what it used to be

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The headline stories--many without follow up......which in China is normal- the quick news --Get the first bite headlines was first used in the early 1800's by French, German and British media papers. 

CNN --as a trusted servant for publication of honest news has fallen to the depths of debt itself.

There are divisions of CNN that still stand the test of time and integrity.

If in China--one pulls up they will see a different page than if one were to say go next door to HK....CNN --to stay in business agrees to NOT publish on line  articles unfavorable to that country's politics. If in doubt the link to the story is blocked.

It is business...put the blame on almighty rush to have a dollar before the next bloke.... and claim more land or water than one cam defend. That is written history-time and time again. Claim more than you are worth and you may lose everything.

CNN does not get it right all the time--but they have more reporters and camera crews out in the most dangerous places to live or walk than any other media outlet today. Many who have los their lives in the attempt to bring honest visual and streaming records of the world outside our front doors. They bring the tragedy of a and earthquake in China to international attention--and who are the first peoples to offer money in support---from a small population of 420 million --is the US...who leads the world in personal monetary donations across the globe than any other nation.

Knock CNN--sure it has it problems--but if someone is going to knock on a door--be prepared to enter with gifts and praise--not the propaganda which seeps unabashed in many threads. Because when the owner of that house closes the door behind you...------one can only imagine the outcome.


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  • Guangdong Web User sentenced 10 years 2014-5-8 09:21

    Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted your blog.

  • Guangdong Web User sentenced 10 years 2014-5-7 16:47

    As most on this thread say: comparing Snowden or even Assange to Mr. Li is comparing apples to oranges. IMO, Snowden performed a public service with worldwide repercussions. Mr. Li sold his country out for personal benefit.

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