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Share Charles Dickens did not write this
2015-7-26 23:59
nor did Arthur Conan Doyle, Tokyo Rose, Betty Boop, Plato, Socrates, Gilgamesh or Zwicky Stalin, Putin, Churchill or Patton---but they all wish they did. This is a love poem--for those who are living and those who are waiting to live. Once more into the fray--once more Into the best good fight I will ever know Once more--I will live or die on this day Live or die on this day. Is this about good and evil? Good and bad? A sour heart giving way to a sweeter ending? Asking for a first date? ...
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Talk to my wife. She is a good listener. She has to be.

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  • Guangdong Web User sentenced 10 years 2014-5-8 09:21

    Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted your blog.

  • Guangdong Web User sentenced 10 years 2014-5-7 16:47

    As most on this thread say: comparing Snowden or even Assange to Mr. Li is comparing apples to oranges. IMO, Snowden performed a public service with worldwide repercussions. Mr. Li sold his country out for personal benefit.

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