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Report JFenix 2014-1-16 06:10
Ted180: I am surprised to find us fighting rather bitterly about freedom of expression. Please do not think this means I don't like and respect you. It's just ...
Always.  I don't consider debating points 'fighting'.  You'll know if I am fighting you...:)

But no, I respect you deeply as well.  Would like you to respond on the thread so we can debate the issue.  

I read an article where someone suggested having a 'heirarchy' of human rights for Canada.  Its interesting.
Report anitahooo 2013-11-28 09:12
Ted180: There are some boys who love girls on this site. I'm sure they will contact you. Your prose is like poetry. I admire your literary talent! And I feel  ...
Report correction 2013-11-12 13:11
Ted180: You are saying the Cultural Revolution was a (smart?) move by Mao to divert attention from the development of nuclear weapons. Are you a Maoist and wi ...
CR was neither smart nor stupid, just political situations at that time might have compelled Chinese leaders to resort to such extreme measures that they thought could save the country from foreign invasion. I'm neutral on that issue, but just my personal observations on events during that time, that I concluded it was a deception meant to divert attentions away from nuclear weapons development. Perhaps even BBC began to realise that CR could be a mere distraction for the West, for BBC didn't think that tens of millions were killed during CR.
Report KIyer 2013-9-30 08:56
Ted180: Your blog on capitalism and socialism is excellent. Despite some lapses into the old personal insults, your calming influence has enabled some intelli ...
Thank you Ted. I appreciate your note. You have also been supportive in the tone and calmness of your responses. You are calmer and nicer than I am. Glad that you enjoyed and participated. I want to encourage more newbies and learners to these forums. CD does provide an excellent platform for anyone around the world.
otherwise, tell me how goes life? I am busy with my kids - a full-time dad, school holidays for my kids now, their friends visiting etc. I note you are from Canada. I have a few friends there too, that I went to school with.
warm regards,

An older, divorced, retired man with no children but lots of friends

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      • UNITED STATES ELECTION Nov 8, 2016. 2017-11-11 10:58

        Hmmm. No comments!


        HailChina!: China already has more real influence over South Korea than the Americans because of Chinese economy. When the Yankee goes home the Americans will hav ...
        Americans have NO NEED for influence over Korea. That is China's territory. China and US need mutual respect.

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