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Report WBD60 2019-5-19 01:45
How could it be possible for the west to  preach to the third world countries democracy and freedom while at the same time has to rely on their cheap labor and credit  to keep its consumption driven economy running?
Report WBD60 2019-5-19 01:28
the western elites and intellectuals and lefts are too ignorant to understand what kind of country china really is. china is a rogue nation with 1.4 billion brainwashed people , western style democracy can hardly work here because they do not really know what it is really about. Chinese are materialistic people who worship no God except their masters. a people who see God in their master scarcely seek heaven except through the favors of the Emperor. today's china reminds me of the  Russian empire  in the early 20th century, corrupt, stubborn, oppressive,  gigantic, and yet patient.
Report WBD60 2019-5-18 16:10
to depreciate RMB against the US $ could to certain extent offset the traffics imposed by Trump , yet on the other hand, it could have a negative impact on foreign companies in china who may try to withdraw from the Chinese market as a result of strong US Dollar,  it is a dilemma here. i see china is in a quite tough situation where no matter which direction it moves the odds are against it . it is sad to say that the window for opportunity has been shut down for china as the people in charge continuously refuse to take step in reforming the system that is not working.
Report WBD60 2019-5-18 15:02
These are what the Trump administration should do next, to cut taxes for small-mid size companies, to cut taxes for middle class working Americans, to raise tariffs on the remaining Chinese made goods, and to enact strictest restrictions on technology transfer to foreign countries, especially to those trying to undermine American national interests and security, to bring back manufacturing chains back to the US from Asia, to confiscate assets and properties of those hostile nations, to restrict foreign students studying in the US, especially those from hostile nations, ....something has to happen to get thing done. and Trump is a man of action.
Report WBD60 2019-5-18 14:54
"lifting people out of poverty" can not be held as the legitimacy to rule, in addition , is this so called elimination of poverty verifiable? and how could there be so many poor people in china in the first place? what are the true causes of poverty in china?
Report WBD60 2019-5-18 13:14
actually for Americans to cut down spending is not a bad thing, somewhat like to ask a fat person to lose a few  pounds , for decades Americans have been enjoying  this artificially high living standard, it is time for them to come back to reality.   
I think the tariffs will have some negative impact on world supply chains, and  china will be hit badly of course. the goal of imposing tariffs on Chinese made goods is to bring manufacturing chain back to the US. whether that is possible or not i have no idea, but it may help quite a bit. Trump is running out of time. so he must act quick.
Report WBD60 2019-5-17 15:12
the so called rise of china is perhaps the biggest fraud ever happened in the history of economics. china is a rogue nation. its economy is a government sponsored Ponzi scheme, no real purchasing power, it is export driven and financed by government investment in real estate. the biggest bubble ever. it is a joint venture between the elites in the west and their counterparts in china. and the good news is the bubble has been busted. now, they try to ask average people from both sides to suffer the consequences.
Report WBD60 2019-5-17 15:11
china has 65 million useless eaters , the corrupt and incompetent government officials of all levels , they are supported by those who work like dogs in the sweatshops. is it the time to abolish this modern slavery? the lefts and some intellectuals in the west think the Chinese do not deserve democracy and constitutional politics because they are born inferior, well, they are wrong. democracy will work in china just as it has worked in the US and other places.
Report momolove 2018-10-15 08:00
Nice to meet you
Report Ted180 2017-3-15 21:33
Report seneca 2017-3-14 21:51
Ted180: You may be right. So sad. I'm 74 and in bad health. I'll not live to see what happens to China and humanity. I'm just an old idealist. Very liberal an ...
You do not seem to be afraid of the end of a man's journey on Earth... You will no doubt be missed, Ted. I feel you are energetic. And idealistic. Both are in short supply these days. Stay tuned!

Report seneca 2017-3-13 09:38
Ted180: My posts reflect my historical expectations that China will westernize and modernize much like Japan did in a gradual non-revolutionary way. That the  ...
Those are noble wishes, Ted, but they are not going to materialise.

I am not sure Taiwan should be put under Chinese rule. It is yet another territory stolen and looted by Chinese invaders. But yes, if they want to, there should be no outside opposition.

But the C.P.C. are not going to democratise. It is not in the Chinese culture. The Chinese culture is static, introverted and narcisstic. They view themselves as the navel of the world. They are native racists.
Report Ted180 2016-4-1 11:02
Pastor237. Who is he really? Does he work for China Daily? Is he a Californian? He is indeed in another world - and it is not really a Marxist world. I had a dear friend who (tried to be) a Marxist. Quite learned, but an alcoholic.Very small, unattractive to women. Bursting with rage at men who could get laid anytime they wanted. Big, blond American men represented these rivals he  hated and wished to destroy. Really got some Marxist ideology wrong. But I loved him (like a brother). He died of cancer. I've always been drawn to Marxists. Yet, I'm a capitalist. Still - at least I pay my taxes. And I hope for World Government so we humans can survive to go to the stars. That's why I'm pro-Chinese and pro-American. The 2 powers we must bet on for survival.
Report seneca 2016-4-1 10:13
Ted180: Having fun now with new blogger YiJiun. Unlike TedM below I understand how much abuse (both giving and taking) can be enjoyable when it's just "w ...
I wish we could inject more value in these threads but with posters who argue from a point of imagined strength and bolstered by nothing more solid than a tattered red Mao Bible you can not hold a rational discussion. To begin with, we never know who our opposite numbers are: are they editors masquerading as "posters"? Or are they ghosts writing on behalf of Pastor 237?
Report Ted180 2015-3-14 01:53
I've noticed some problems with the site lately. Thanks.  
Report KIyer 2015-3-13 17:15
Ted180: Again, thanks for broadening my mind. Upon reflection I can see that my rather "collectivist" family values have always led me to be critica ...
That is a fair call, Ted. I admire you for defending your cultural values from unfair or sweeping condemnation. I do the same myself. So, I can understand you. Warm regards, my friend!
I am not able to post a message on your board. The net is acting very weird... so I am trying to send you the PM. Thanks for your message.
Report KIyer 2015-3-13 17:11
That is a fair call, Ted. I admire you for defending your cultural values from unfair or sweeping condemnation. I do the same myself. So, I can understand you. Warm regards, my friend!
Report lau_guan_kim 2014-2-16 23:03
Ted180: Congratulations on an excellent thread. Your account of the Singapore battle and the later fate of Yamashita are good reading. I tend to believe Yamas ...
I think something wrong. Your message is "validation failed."
Report KIyer 2014-1-22 08:12
Ted, thanks for your comment on my blog! warm regards,
Report JFenix 2014-1-16 07:02
Ted180: Let me try to explain. I think the only thing that guarantees the survival of freedom is free speech. Now there must be some limitations on it (nation ...
I agree with you about freedom of speech, but I can't agree that in the workplace or public schools whether primary or secondary, there should not be standards of behavior.  We live in a civilized society and when we are talking about structural institutions, there has to be limits.  And what I mean by structural institutions is basically how we have to make a living.  We can't have it where a person of color walked into a bank and got berated by staff and call that 'freedom of speech'.

I believe as a basic human right, one should be guaranteed to be protected from these things.  Its more serious than saying it is 'protecting against hurt feelings'.  There are many outlets for free speech and for one to voice their opinions.

An older, divorced, retired man with no children but lots of friends

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        Americans have NO NEED for influence over Korea. That is China's territory. China and US need mutual respect.

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