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Does parents’ love has nothing to do with money?

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Does parents’ love has nothing to do with money?

All parents love their children deeply, and this greatest love is nothing to do with money, no matter they are rich or poor, this love can never be changed.

I’m fully confident of it, but since I heard about my friend’s story, I feel that I need to rethink the relationship between love and money, even this love is from parents.


Now it is March, the wedding season is coming—May 1st. Speaking of wedding, I have to say some local wedding customs in my hometown.

Before getting marriage, the men’s parents need to give the bride’s parents some money as betrothal gift, and bride’s parents also need to prepare the dowry for bride, it seems very fair, right?


Then the problem has been appeared: How to solve the problem if men’s parents have to give little and the other side wants to get more?



My friend and her longtime boyfriend will get married on May, they loved each other for over five years.

My friend’s family is very very poor, her boyfriend is better but also comes from common family.

Girl’s father just want to get more money from boy’s family by taking this opportunity, I could not say this behavior looks like sell their daughter, but I really could not find any other reason for it.

They do not care about girl’s life, do not care about whether she is happy or not;

 do not care about whether her boyfriend treat their daughter good or not,;

but one thing and the only thing they cared very much is:

how much money they can get from this marriage and they do not agree unless they get their ideal money.

My friend’s boyfriend loves her very much and tries to give her parents as much as he can, but her greedy parents think it is too little and get angry.


Now my friend is very sad, her parents do not prepare any dowry and have no blessing for her, just asking for money.

She has talked many times with her parents for getting their understanding, even promise she will work hard and get more money to give them in the near future, but it is useless.

The worst of it is that even she tried to work hard and given her family more during the past five years after her graduation, quit her good job in the metropolis, just for taking care of her parents, but they still think that’s far enough and said she is an unfilial daughter!


I feel very very sad, I always think love from parents is the greatest love in the world, but sometimes, for some parents, money is the most important one.

I believed most parents loved their children, even they need money eagerly, they do not sell their daughter as a cash cow.


I hope those “seller” can change their mind and begin to care about their children from the bottom of their heart, do not let this family love has the stink of money.


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Reply Report teachingchinese 2014-3-20 23:02
almost similiar experiences on my three sisters, those parents can only bear but not breed are not worthy being called "dad" or "mum".

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