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Report crdw123 2013-6-22 01:56
In recent days I have been without Internet access, today only to find you, I'm very glad to become friends with you!
Report youneverknow 2012-7-20 10:44
expressions about man and woman who is still single when they have excessed marriage-age。leftover men&women,why is the girl still on the shelf?doomed single,SASwoman=single,attractive,successful woman
Report youneverknow 2012-7-20 10:23
the plans of my life:try my best to be a civil servant,then during my leisure time,i can be a SOHO.I have to earn more money,fighting!
Report youneverknow 2012-7-14 17:03
who will die for me?
Report youneverknow 2012-7-4 17:34
the sweetness of the cake depends on the sugar you add to it
Report faithlv 2012-6-28 09:54
Hello Dear,
My name is Faith.I will like be ur friend please do write me direct to my email address at ( for easy communication so that we can know each other, I will give you my pictures and details about me
Report youneverknow 2012-6-15 17:28
move to the new office room,yammi!
Report youneverknow 2012-6-14 15:43
true friendship endures despite disagreement
Report youneverknow 2012-6-14 15:04
i need a shoulder to cry on。。。
Report youneverknow 2012-6-14 14:42
it maybe not a good thing to know every detail about something,then you will have no courage to approach it
Report US president 2012-6-1 21:57
Come to see me if it is convenient to you . OK?
Report youneverknow 2012-6-1 11:15
writing for my baby:mami still dont find your daddy,although mami has been working so hard on it.maybe your daddy is naughtier than you,so it will take some time for me to find not worry,mami will beat him for his arriving late when i find him,happy children‘s day!
Report youneverknow 2012-5-30 17:28
these words can express “吃货”in chinese:eating machine,food chaser,super pig.but i like eating machine most,because it is more vivid than the other two.which do you like most?
Report youneverknow 2012-5-30 08:35
each moment of your life is a picture
Report youneverknow 2012-5-29 08:07
no victory comes out without price
Report US president 2012-5-27 10:55
Report US president 2012-5-17 19:59
youneverknow: sorry to make you wait,you are right,decision is a noun,and the short sentence following the noun equals an adj,its function is to explain the “d ...
Thank you  
Report youneverknow 2012-5-17 15:56
my boss just left me with some unspecified assignment before he left for  Sweden,this is a small company,and just established the department of international trade,i am the one who explore the  oversea market,i am sure i will try my best!
Report US president 2012-5-12 19:28
thank you
Report US president 2012-5-12 19:26
You are a fetching girl,I want you to help me analysis the sentence that "The neighboring countries' decisions to not take sides on the issue show that the Philippine's territorial claim has received little support. Now the Philippines also finds it hard to change its stance overnight," Yang said.
decision is a noun,why" to not take......."behind it ?
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      • about marriage 2012-6-14 15:22

        still single,no strong desire to get marriage,but i know i am a person who loves family and baby very much,i dont know what makes me lose courage in the face of marriage

      • about marriage 2012-6-14 15:06

        youneverknow: to know every detail about marriage before marriage is not a good thing,then you maybe will have no courage to get involved into marriage.i see marri ...
        not that worse, I do not know what is your situation right now, But as for me marriage brings me responsibility then burden, happiness than tragedy, because of the birth of my little son 11 last year, he brings me a lot of happiness, also I am tired everyday from he's coming to the earth, I do not know why you think your marriage is a burden and tragedy? Have you got married or not?
        do you have kids?

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