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Share about marriage
2012-5-30 08:22
once i thought marriage as a sweet and warm thing,but when i came here and met new people,i found things changed,marriage is no longer a kind of relationship,they treated marriage as sort of trade,and the only condition for their quasi-husband is that they shouid have money,a lot of money.they said love has died to them ,it is no matter who they marry,then why do not choose a guy who is rich.i feel cold in their words and in their heart,i dont know what they have gone through,and why ...
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Share what i learn in this place
2012-5-17 11:32
some people are selfish ,some people are self-centered,i aways ask myself to behave according to the rules i have set to myself,i treat those rules as philosophy that can make myself a good person,and i aways think that people should behave in the same way,but now it is proved that i am so wrong,the world is not as ideal as you think,sometimes even make you feel disgusting,you maybe wonderwhy people think like this,why people behave like this,in my eyes,their thought and ...
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Share yesterday,i cried
2012-4-23 08:15
i cried not because of what you said,but because of that i decide to leave,this is a new week,i will start a new life.learn how to be a better person,learn how to do things well,fighting,janeO(∩_∩)O~
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      • about marriage 2012-6-14 15:22

        still single,no strong desire to get marriage,but i know i am a person who loves family and baby very much,i dont know what makes me lose courage in the face of marriage

      • about marriage 2012-6-14 15:06

        youneverknow: to know every detail about marriage before marriage is not a good thing,then you maybe will have no courage to get involved into marriage.i see marri ...
        not that worse, I do not know what is your situation right now, But as for me marriage brings me responsibility then burden, happiness than tragedy, because of the birth of my little son 11 last year, he brings me a lot of happiness, also I am tired everyday from he's coming to the earth, I do not know why you think your marriage is a burden and tragedy? Have you got married or not?
        do you have kids?

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